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    I am a 33 year old, looking for marriage. I have never progressed to a relationship before as it is so difficult in the UK to find someone as a lot of people in the same boat would say. Also to be honest I really did not have the experience to know what I did not want and what I wanted. I enjoy running, music and like my job. I am reasonably religious, I don’t drink and don’t smoke, I pray regularly and fast Ramadan but that’s about it.

    Preferred Partner Details

    I would only be happy to meet someone face to face if they are keen and not someone who intends to talk online for a while before meeting. Please intend to meet in person otherwise I probably won’t last in conversation. So I am looking for someone who is easy going and kind hearted , not argumentative , not loud when angry but also not quite, religious to a satisfactory (e.g. no alcohol, no major sins, no smoking, no shisha etc) but not overly religious/arrogant about religion (e.g. doesn’t see herself as of more religious superiority to a normal person whether reasonably religious or not , e.g. relaxed about practice and diversity of practice etc but not relaxed about major sins, sees prayer and fasting as important doing the feroood but not overly strict or expectant at same time as these are a big no no no for me). A good team player and reasonable person. Not a controlling woman who is just looking to control everything because they are uncomfortable with things running slightly differently to their specified regimen. A lady who is comfortable offering her husband leadership and taking a back seat when appropriate. Pleasant, has to be pleasant and well mannered. Has to be in a good place mentally and smiles with a generally positive affect, not a frowning type or serious type personality, preferably talkative and likes humour .good interpersonal skills and interactivity with smile/ human facial expression not a staring terminator 5 type look …not quite and reserved. Not serious, someone you would not feel shy from exposing your true playful childish self to. I like an uplifting personality who you come out having felt more happy after talking to not some miserable angry , convoluted difficult type. Not nervous or yelling type , loud is bad. I do not like people who say they will do something and then do not do it. Therefore, any one who does not live up to an agreement, I draw a big x on them, slippery personalities I do not like, if she said she will do something then she does it unless there is a reasonable honest excuse (e.g. meeting!) . Does not take herself too seriously and is alright being teased in a friendly manner but also teases others. sees positives in situations , problem solver, tactical and intelligent. I like well behaved but also do like a bit of nuisance and trouble in a humerous manner. Pays attention to other stuff in life like exercise etc not too career focused….also has ability to look after own health and knowledge about eating healthy. Not a couch potatoe and therefore keeps my weight in check. puts her family and partner/children first before her friends e.g. not the type who will go out with friends or be upset about not being out with her friends, I think if someone has friends to the point that their friends will dictate to them their private life , I probably am not a match for them even if the person is religious and their friends are okay. Not social media obsessed , not taking selfies every other second and not pouting in photos, no inappropriate pausing in photos. Not too demanding, expectant. Obviously I appreciate it’s a too way process but I thought I’d put out what I would not want, not saying I am perfect but I do believe that personalities are different and to really be serious you must know what you do not want otherwise you going in and going to waste your time and other people time as well.



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