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FAQ’s !

1. Tell me more about Muslim Marriage Service.
2. What are the charges?
3. How can Muslim Marriage Service be contacted?
4. What kind of members are there and where are they from?
5. Will my confidentiality be guaranteeed?
6. How can I join and start contacting members.
7. What is the difference between magazine membership and internet only membership?
8. NON UK residents – What are our options?
9. I am not a Muslim – what should I do?
10. How can I receive further information by post?

1. Tell me more about Islamic marriages and Muslim Marriage Service UK

Muslim Marriage Service provides a monthly magazine of Muslims from all parts of the UK looking for marriage. This magazine is continuously updated and many new entries are added every month.Our magazines also contain many telephone numbers/email addresses so that you can contact members directly. Members without published telephone numbers can be contacted free of charge by letter. As a member you can contact as many members as you like by letter without any extra charge except a stamp to cover postage costs. You can also have your details advertised confidentially and all replies will be sent to you free of charge.
Muslim Marriage Service regularly advertises in the national press including : The Daily Jang, Eastern Eye, Muslim Directory, and The Muslim News. We now advertise nationally and across Europe on Prime TV. This enables us to attract members who would otherwise not use the internet.
For over 20 years, by the grace of Allah, we have been very successful in bringing together Muslims for marriage. Insha-Allah long may this continue.Click here for more details

2. What are the charges for UK residents?

Magazine Membership

1 month membership £35

2 months membership £50 (saving £20)

Internet Membership

3 months internet membership £25 – plus 12 free telephone numbers/email contacts 

6 months membership £40 (saving £10) includes 24 free telephone numbers/ email contacts

Additional Features

Your advertisement in boxed bold italics £3

Your telephone number advertised in magazines (not on internet!) £3

Your email address advertised in magazines (not on internet!) £3

Advance payment of upto 12 additional telelephone numbers £10

Advance payment of unlimited telephone numbers/email addresses from any issue £20

Contacting members by letter (1st class stamp required for each letter) – FREE FOR UK MEMBERS.

Payments also by cheque payable to “Muslim Marriage Service”.

3. How can Muslim Marriage Service be contacted?
Email us at info@muslim-marriages.com

Chat – ukmatrimonials@gmail.com
Telephone us (UK) on 0161 505 0607 ; Mobile or text 0772-5325676
Write to us at: Muslim Marriage Service, Office 22328, P.O Box 4336, Manchester, M61 OPW

4. What kind of Muslim members are there and where are they from?
The vast majority of our members are professional and educated British Muslims from all over the UK including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Yorkshire, Scotland and Wales. We accept all Muslims regardless of caste, colour, background or nationality. If you are not a Muslim then please use an alternative service. We also have many members from outside the UK and they can contacted by email/telephone.

5. Will my confidentiality be guaranteeed?

UK residents – although our magazines contain many direct contact telephone numbers, we will never give your telephone number to anybody else without your permission. Your details can remain confidential and if anybody wishes to contact you they can do this through us. Your address will never be published and will not be given to anybody else. Non UK residents – your email address will be made available to interested Muslims although your telephone number will only be given with your agreement.

6. How can I join and start contacting Muslims seeking Islamic marriages.

UK residents please complete our membership form and then make payment by secure credit card or by cheque to our address. You can also telephone us on (UK)0161 505 0607 so that we can post you an application form or alternatively complete our quick form.

Non UK residents, can join for 6 months and receive upto 12 telephone numbers/email addresses of UK or Non UK members. Your profile will also be advertised in our postal UK. Only £25.

Non UK residents who would like their email address or telephone number advertised with their profile for 6 months can do so for only £10.

Non UK residents can upload their profile for FREE.

7. UK Resident Muslims seeking Islamic marriage- What is the difference between magazine membership and internet only membership?

With internet only membership you will not receive any magazines at your postal address. You will be able to view the monthly list on our website and still contact as many members as you like by letter. You will also receive upto 12 free telephone numbers or email addresses (subject to availability/permission).

Muslim Marriage Service has the largest postal listing service in the UK. The magazine list is the same as the internet list except that some telephone numbers and email adddresses are published in the magazines. Magazines are posted to your home address where you can view and also show the list to your family. This is useful for people who may not have access to the internet or find the internet more difficult.

8.NON UK residents – What are our options?
6 months membership with entry in UK list and our UK postal magazine with contact details of UK members and any other members £25.


Pakistan Resident Muslims. For a Special Offer Click here!

  • All UK single / divorced Muslims are registered and genuinely seeking Islamic marriage
  • We only allow single / divorced Muslims to register for Islamic marriages- no dating service
  • Member profiles of Muslim singles / divorcees are advertised on internet and magazines
  • New single / divorced Muslims join every day, mostly in the UK but also worldwide.
  • Registered single / divorced Muslims will also be able to contact you, if you agree
  • Contact any Muslim from our UK or non UK list, usually by telephone and email.
  • We remove inappropriate profiles so less time wasters – only serious Muslims




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