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    AsSalam Aleykum

    I was born and raised in Hyderabad, India in a religious family. I am now a UK citizen living here in beautiful Scotland since 2007.

    My faith and religion are quite important to me and I am Alhumdulillah ever grateful to the Almighty for keeping me on Emaan.

    I work as a freelance IT contractor specializing in HR and payroll systems. Currently engaged on an assignment with one of UK’s top 4 banks. I don’t live for work – it’s just a means of paying bills for me – Most days, I manage to leave the strains and stresses of work behind when I step out of office. If you are looking for a “career – orientated”, “ambitious” or “Wannabe CEO”, thenI am probably not the guy you are looking for …! :-)… But if you are not , then please read on….

    We all have limited time on this planet that Allah SWT has given us…I certainly don’t intend to spend most of it chasing other “rats” in the “rat race”…I wish to spend it investing in building meaningful relationship that can be a source of comfort, happiness and satisfaction in this world and in the Hereafter…

    By education I am an electrical engineer and have also done an MBA. I have always had a keen interest in basic sciences since my early school days. In order to nurture that life long interest I have recently a year back enrolled on a BSc degree programme (Distance education) in Maths and Physics with the Open University in the UK.

    My interests are quite varied, from politics- mostly armchair discussions- to religion to History and a bit of psychology..I have traveled a fair bit – worked in Houston, TX USA for over a year before I moved to the UK.

    I love travelling – especially long drives..I love outdoors- enjoy going on long hill walks in beautiful wilderness of Scottish hills and valleys.

    I play racquet sports whenever I get a chance – tennis, squash and table tennis. In addition to this to keep fit I regularly hit the gym where I enjoy lifting weights the most..

    Not a great fan of movies but do watch Netflix / Amazon prime shows…

    So, if I have been able to hold your attention this far down the write up then please go ahead and right swipe…No harm in saying hi / hellos :-)…

    Preferred Partner Details

    So, what am I looking for:

    1. First and foremost you are a God fearing woman who understands her Deen and attempts to sincerely follow it in her day to day life. Inshallah I will learn from you, support you and seek your help and support in advancing our lives for the betterment of both our deen.
    2. You are intelligent, can hold a conversation with ease and most importantly a strong woman who can stand behind her ideas, opinions and beliefs.
    3. Health conscious. Preferably have matching interests as me in sports / fitness, but if your fitness / sports interests are different than mine then not a problem..
    4. You are a citizen / permanent resident of either US / UK / Canada or if not then would consider the idea of moving to any of these countries.

    That’s all. :-)…



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