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5 Things to Do to Make Your Wedding Memorable


Every person dreams of having a memorable wedding. After all, it is one of the biggest milestones in anyone’s life and is the beginning of a completely new journey. Be it Turkish, Iranian, Pakistani, Malaysian or Somalian, a wedding for any Muslim is also an occasion where family and friends come together to celebrate one’s happiness and the completion of Sunnah. So how does one ensure that they have a wedding that creates wonderful and lasting memories of joy for everyone?

It can be as simple as choosing modest wedding dresses over expensive designer clothing, to sharing your happiness with the less privileged members of the community. Here are five simple things you can do to make your wedding in UK a memorable one:

Create opportunities for meeting new people

A wedding for Muslims is the coming together of two different families. As UK is a fine blend of various cultures and ethnicities, it could be a wedding of a Kenyan with a Pakistani or a Turkish with an Iranian, most of the people still would not know each other even on the wedding day. Why not use this as an opportunity for your guests and family members to become familiar with one another? For all you know, your cousin could make a new friend at your wedding!

You can organize different activities involving members from both sides of the family to mingle with one another. A number of games and contests are available that you can organize on the venue. If you want your wedding day to be devoted only to the ceremonies, then you can organize a small get-together a few days before the big day.

Have a simple wedding


This hardly seems as a likely suggestion to make your wedding seem memorable, but it is true. A modest or simple Muslim wedding has several benefits in Islam for the couple and their families. Firstly, nobody experiences the stress of expenditures making sure that everything looks perfect. This means people can actually put up their feet and have fun on this joyous day. The actual focus can be on the pious occasion of fulfilling a Sunnah.

Another thing is that when you scale down your wedding, you make it a truly intimate affair involving the couple and close family members. It can create an environment where the realization of starting a new journey can actually sink in and you can discuss the really important matters with your spouse and family. The eldest family member can make a prayer for the married couple. No more pretense or choreographed moves. Simply pure, genuine emotions can make this day the most memorable one of your life.

Reach out to the community

Most people don’t realize the fact that at the heart of it, an Islamic wedding is basically a religious occasion. You can make it an even more blessed occasion by reaching out to the less privileged members of the community. By remembering people like the poor, homeless, and orphans on your wedding day and making them part of your happiness, you can build lasting memories.

Invite people from your local shelter, soup kitchen or orphanage to your wedding instead of those family members you haven’t met in ages. These people will actually be grateful for you sharing your happiness with them. Offer them the best meal and giveaways that will actually make a difference in their lives. Their prayers will benefit you for the rest of your married life.

Make your guest book fun

Just like your wedding album or video, the guest book is also a treasure of memories. But it doesn’t have to be just a bland collection of signatures. You can make this a fun activity by requesting your guests to leave messages, tokens or memorabilia that tell something more about your relationship. A loving aunt might have a cute picture of yours from a very old visit, or your friend might bring in pictures from a concert. You can also ask your guests to write a poem or add a sketch in the guest book.

Have an outdoors wedding

No. we’re not talking about setting up a canopy in a lawn or having a destination wedding. This one is about just the two of you going on an adventure. Of course, this means that both of you enjoy the open outdoors and challenging yourself physically. Get out in nature, and make it part of your special day. A simple mountain trek or a drive to the countryside or any remote place for that matter will give a whole new dimension to your wedding and make it perfectly unforgettable.



You don’t need to spend loads of money as a Muslim to have a truly memorable wedding. Doing what makes you happy is what you need. These are just a few suggestions that will help you realize that an Islamic wedding is not supposed to be a spectacle, but something that brings people closer to each other.



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