Males Page 1 July/August 2019


Broadminded, independent, very sociable British Pakistani Muslim, 27, 5’11”, MBBS doctor from a good family.

Seeking an attractive, professional with similar level of education

M7490 ID:20565 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Self employed British Pakistani Muslim, 36, 5’11”, Bsc in Computer Science, self employed, a calm person. Enjoy

long drives, and looking for someone similar to me who is a calm and educated person. Appearance doesn’t

matter as long as you have a good heart.

M7491 ID:20223 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Pakistani Kashmiri Sunni Muslim, 26, 5’10”, IT degree and work as a supervisor at Emaar in Dubai. Have brothers

& sisters in London & Birmingham. I like to keep fit and I regularly go to the gym. Looking for a Sunni Pakistani

female aged 20-25. Someone who is caring and friendly

M7469 ID:19601 Photo Location: Dubai Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Muslim, 27, 6’, work as a Business development & intelligence manager. Education: 1st class

honours in Finance and management. Looking for a 21-26 yr old British Pakistan girl, Arain caste preferably,

however not strictly, but also a University Graduate

M7470 ID:19665 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am looking for a British Muslim girl 21-23. I am 22, 5’9”, Pakistani Sunni Muslim, a graduate and businessman.

My brother in law is doing bachelors and is a mobile phone technician. Once he comes to the UK he will have

good career prospects as we as a family will make sure he has a good career and job with the skills he has. The

girl will have her own private life as no in laws are here so they both can have a good understanding and married

life Insha Allah with his brother and me supporting them. You should be a Muslim, British and Educated.

M7427 ID:19083 Photo Location:  Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


My friends describe me as hardworking, loving, sincere with a good sense of humour. I am 25, 5’9”, completed

a diploma in civil engineering and working in sales, Pakistani Muslim. Looking for someone who is sincere,

caring and most of all God loving

M7379 ID:18016 Photo Location: Pakistan Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a single Pakistani origin, 34, 5’7”, practising Muslim, work as a pharmacist, never married. Want to explore

the world as The Holy Quran says, travel around the world and see my beautiful creations. I have travelled

around the globe in my previous life and now it is time to settle down. It is time to make my family and raise my

own kids and teach those values to them. I would like someone single, loving, caring, professional and respectful.

M7441 ID:18350 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Muslim, 27, 5’10”, work as a tax adviser. I like all sports especially playing cricket and snooker.

Also enjoy watching comic movies, travelling and just all round spending time with people who like to have

conversations with a GSOH. Overall I am a chilled out guy who can instantly charm and make friends and always

supports people where possible. My perfect match is a woman who can keep up with me intellectually and

conversationally but who doesn’t do so by being pushy or a bully. I really don’t like mean or intolerant people.

Matching interests such as reading, travelling and loving to be around people are a plus. I suppose my perfect

girl is 25-27 and nice to be around. These are just guidelines though so don’t be afraid to message me.

M7374 ID:17821 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I would describe myself as hard working and a down to earth person, 28, 5’10”, self employed Pakistani Muslim.

I am looking for someone who is open minded and family orientated and have family in the UK.

M7348 ID:17519 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a British Pakistani practising Sunni Muslim, 33, 5’6”, working in financial services. My hobbies and

interests are travelling, keeping fit, fashion & spending time with loved ones. I am looking for a life partner who

shares similar interests, is working and is a practising Muslim who is cultured and respects family values.

M7377 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: contact MMS


Males Page 2 July/August 2019


I’m a family guy and open minded, 24, 5’11”, a degree educated detention custody officer, British Pakistani. I’m

active, open as a book, always hungry. Lots more to find out so ask away. My main aim is to find someone who

will treat my family as their own. Someone who is real, respectful, kind, considerate and practising.

M7492 ID:20225 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Mother looking for an educated girl for her son, 25, 6’, ACCA and a Tax Accountant, British Indian. Girl should be

slim, well educated, from an educated family and 5’5”, preferred.

M7493 ID:20234 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


Divorced British Pakistani, 29, 5’7”, with 1 child. I am college educated, a Sunni Muslim and I am just looking

for a good person

M7471 ID:19674 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Single Pakistani Sunni Muslim, 22, 5’9”, completed ACCA and Msc in Accounting and Finance and working as an

auditor. Looking for a Muslim who is professional educated, preferably Pakistani ethnically, 22 or around.

M7472 ID:19709 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a kind, respectful and open-mind British Pakistani, 24, 6’, self employed practising Sunni Muslim. I will

show a picture if we match.

M7468 ID:18840 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


British Asian Post grad Physician Associate student, 26, 5’6”. I am a big football fan, likes to watch movies, GoT,

go to the gym and read. Looking for someone who is down to earth, nice, caring and looking to settle down

M7454 ID:18817 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a 34 year old Libyan Muslim kind man, 5’9”, permanent resident in the UK, working in Health Care. I am

serious about marriage and want to make a little family. I am a hard working person who likes to care and

support my family. I would like the woman I will meet to be serious about marriage and want to settle down.

M7428 ID:19181 Photo Location: Cardiff Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Kind, humble, down to earth single British Pakistani Muslim, 27. 5’11”, work in a pharmacy,  after work goes to

the gym. He is religious but can be better. His life revolves around family, work, gym but on occasions goes to

the cinema and restaurants. Ideally he wants someone who tall, 5’4”+, slim, looks do matter for him but humble,

kind and family oriented. A Sunni as we celebrate millad and do khatams.

M7463 ID:19342 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I currently working full time as a dentist, am single, 29, 5’10”, British Sunni, and now feel ready to embark upon

the next stage of my life and find myself a wife. I love to travel, eat and spend time with family and friends.

I am not willing to relocate in the near future, however later on I may be open to it, if it is best for my potential

wife and I only insha’Allah. Alhumdilah I try to follow our deen to the best of my ability and ensure every decision

taken in life is based upon it. I am looking for someone who fits the following criteria Insh’Allah; Puts her faith

first. Prays 5 times a day. Educated – does not matter what degree or a certain amount of education if not

degree. Religion is important to me and I am not that cultural, my decisions are based upon Islam and Islam

alone. Not looking for the perfect wife but just a simple straightforward active wife, that understands what

marriage is and the effort that has to be made from both sides.

M7460 ID:19315 Location: South Email: contact MMS


I am a simple hard working, British Pakistani guy, 44, 5’5”, divorced with 1 child, university educated and

working as an Admin Manager. Looking for my dream girl. I am looking for honest partner.

M7404 ID:17811 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a good, caring, down to earth person, 29, 5’11”, Pakistani, completed a diploma in electrical engineering

and also working in admin. I have family in the UK and am looking for a caring loving and nice partner.

M7403 ID:18753 Photo Location: Rawalpindi Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS



Males Page 3 July/August 2019


I am honest and practising British Afghani from London, 24, 5’5”, an accountant, having a balanced approach

towards duniya and akhirah matters. Looking for a practising and knowledgeable sister to complete the other

half of my deen from an Afghan/Pakistani background. Plus points: An Aa’lima / active student of knowledge.

M7494 ID:20238 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 27, 5’7”, a law graduate, British Pakistani, belong to a respectable and educated family. I expect only a

simple and educated girl, not a big list of qualities and financial status,

M7495 ID:20252 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


Pakistani Sunni Muslim, 40, 5’9”, work as an accountant, born & brought up in Lahore. Have been living in

London since 8yrs. Have studied MBA Finance & ACCA in the UK, like to play cricket & snooker, listen to music

& reading books. Seeking a kind hearted, confident, simple & well educated person.

M7473 ID:19802 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Sunni Muslim, 24, 5’8”, currently a medical student and practising Sunni Muslim, I prefer to

find an educated professional.

M7474 ID:19842 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am simple and honest man, British Pakistani, 29, 5’11”, degree educated and working in retail who likes to be

straight forward. Looking for life partner. Want to get married soon. Looking for nice and respectful person who

will have respect for her husband and is good looking and caring.

M7449 ID:18607 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a 28yr old Bangladeshi brother, 5’7”, work for a newspaper and am looking to settle down. I am

hardworking and live a very simple life and enjoy fundraising for important causes to help our Muslim brothers

and sisters. At the moment I live with my uncle in London as all my immediate family live in Bangladesh. Looking

for a practising sister who values the meaning of life though our deen

M7450 ID:18719 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


My friends would describe me as being a generous and kind hearted person. I am a British citizen, Pakistani

origin, 39, 5’7”. I work within the transport and logistics sector. I would like to share my life with a caring and

loving British Muslim woman who has a balance of Eastern and Western values.

M7383 ID:18875 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a divorced British born male of Pakistani origin, 56, 5’10”, and work for the Civil Service. I am a Sunni

Muslim who respects Islamic values. I have a GSOH, am honest, caring and a loving person. I have 5 children but

none live with me. I am looking for a Sunni Muslima who understands Islam, has good humour, honest, caring,

homely, familiar with Pakistani culture but who does not have children. Single, divorced or widow is welcome.

M7445 ID:19478 Photo Location: North East Email: MEMBERS


I am a professional British born Pakistani Muslim, 49, 6’, a pharmacist who has been recently divorced. I am

witty, enjoy travelling and spending time with family and friends. I enjoy keeping fit and have good moral

values and would consider myself a moderate Muslim. I am seeking a partner for the next stage of my life who

I can share my love. Ideally a professional, someone with a GSOH and someone is loyal and caring.

M7447 ID:19897 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am converted Muslim of Singapore origin, currently living in Italy and the UK, 44, 5’6”, divorced. Still studying

the way of faith. I am kind hearted, open minded, good looking, athletic and I have an active lifestyle. I enjoy

horse riding, swimming, diving, reading, shooting and travelling etc. Never smoked, non alcoholic, studied in a

UK university. I am an ex military navy officer. Presently working in a merchant ship as a second officer and also

am a businessman. I have two sons 14 and 10. I am financially stable, have two houses, a farm and two joint

companies. I invite kind hearted sisters who would like to live in Italy and UK. You can choose your life style and

will respect you and honour you. Kind hearted, religious, open minded and widows most welcome.

M7423 ID:18872 Photo Location: Rome Email: MEMBERS


Males Page 4 July/August 2019


I am a simple, God fearing, caring, understanding, and kind hearted human being, 31, 5’5”, British Pakistani. I

am fun loving, down to earth and very much an optimist. I love travelling & sightseeing.  I share a special bond

with my friends & family.  I like to balance professional & family life. Professional life gives you exposure,

confidence & sense of achievement. I also participate in family get-togethers, functions, parties, etc. I would like

someone trustworthy, caring and considerate. Someone easy going, family orientated and shares similar values.

M7496 ID:20255 Photo Location: North  Email: MEMBERS


I am looking rishta for my only brother, 26, 6’, an events manager, Pakistani. He is handsome, respectful

towards other and especially women. He has a GSOH, is hardworking and family orientated. Anyone interested

can text or email. We want a good family girl, aged 20-30. We don’t need any degrees or status. We need a

humble and sweet family. My parents want another daughter for their house.

M7497 ID:20256 Photo Location: South  Email: MEMBERS


Single British Pakistani Muslim aged 35. I am degree educated with a Bsc in Computer Science and currently

working in retail. Looking for a good match and more details upon request.

M7475 ID:19879 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a British Indian Muslim, 28, 5’7”, work as an electrician. Making an effort to please Allah and marriage is a

part of that. I am person looking for a decent Muslimah to be part of my life

M7476 ID:19906 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Easy going Iraqi Sunni Muslim, currently working in Sweden as a doctor. I am Msc educated and looking for

someone who is educated, decent and good looking.

M7477 ID:19641 Photo Location: Sweden Email: MEMBERS


Pakistani MBBS doctor, 25, 5’10”, Sunni Muslim and average build. Recently finished my Medicine degree and

looking for a well-mannered, well-educated British Muslimah in the UK.

M7448 ID:18545 Photo Location: Islamabad Email: MEMBERS


I am a Pakistani Muslim, 51, 5’10”, MBA. Living here in Salalah Oman working in a construction company as a

group internal auditor. I am independent, self made and there was a divorce in 2018. I am on a work permit visa

with furnished accommodation provided by the company along with a company car. She should be educated,

well mannered, well behaved and a friendly natured lady.

M7446 ID:19771 Photo Location:  Email: MEMBERS


British Indian Muslim, 28, 5’10”, slim, currently Service Desk Analyst. I also love sports particularly football and

other hobbies include: eating out and going to the cinema. I have a degree in Computing. I am happy, calm,

family-oriented and polite. I also enjoy travelling and seeing new places. I am looking for someone who follows

Islam; prays and fasts, however the hijab is not essential. A British citizen, professional and employed who has a

good character, is kind, genuine, modest and respectful. Ideally someone who wants to travel, doesn’t mind

going out and enjoying life with me e.g. cinema, theatre, meals, day trips etc. Someone who has a GSOH.

M7307 ID:17202 Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Muslim 49, 5’5”, previously married with two daughters who live with their mum. I am easy

going friendly and stable in life, self employed, looking for someone with whom I could spend the rest of my life

with, genuine, respectable and loving.

M7401 ID:18227 Photo Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Practicing British Pakistani Muslim, 23, 5’11”, work as a manager in own business. Looking for someone with a

good personality. I am a hard worker and very family oriented so would want someone similar. Hijab is

important to me. I travel frequently and want to see the rest of the world with a loving partner. Looking for a

partner who is caring and sweet. Someone who will be willing to relocate after marriage. Not looking for dating

etc only want to keep it halal. IA a straight forward person. Also, I prefer a wife who will wear hijab.

M7352 ID:17733 Location: North Email: MEMBERS



Males Page 5 July/August 2019


I am a friendly and sensitive person, British Afghani /Muslim, 37, 5’11”, work in security. Looking for a friendly

and understanding person

M7498 ID:20268 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am an English Muslim, 29, 5’10”, work as a handy man. Sunni Muslim, non smoker. I am looking for a wife and

have no strong preference.

M7499 ID:20342 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a simple person, Bangladeshi origin, 26, 5’8” ,self employed and degree educated. Seeking marriage to

fulfil my deen. I prefer my partner to fear Allah subhanahu ta’ala.

M7500 ID:20421 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a young ambitious Egyptian doctor, 30, 5’11”, looking for the good part in my life. Someone who is cute,

funny, ambitious and a responsible girl.

M7478 ID:19921 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 34, 5’9”, completed my PhD and now am a government employee. Seeing is believing and now just looking

for someone sincere and friendly.

M7479 ID:19982 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I’m loving caring and practicing Muslim, British Pakistani, 30, 5’8”, self employed. I am devoted to religion.

Looking for someone who is a practising Muslima, loving, caring and loyal.

M7480 ID:19987 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a humble and down to earth divorced British Pakistani Muslim, 36, 5’8”, degree educated and working

in Marketing. I am a loving and caring person and also looking for a loving, caring and compromising person.

M7453 ID:18768 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a 33 year old single British Pakistani Muslim, 5’10”, a degree educated banker, black hair and black eyes. I

am average build. Anything further just ask. Just looking for a down to earth, family orientated person.

M7451 ID:18745 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a professional, British Pakistani, 28, 5’7”, well mannered and well respected gentleman within my

community. I am a caring and loving individual with a good balance of Deen & dunya. Family time is very

important to me as is getting involved in charity work. One of my hobbies is writing and performing spoken

word. I also go to the gym whenever I can. I am not 'degree' educated but in no way lacking in intellect because

of it. I went straight into work after completing my apprenticeship when young but have since completed a

number of courses and continue to educate myself whenever I can. In 2015 I had a short nikah that lasted just a

few months. It was not consummated. My family and I have recently started looking again and we are searching

for a friendly, soft hearted young lady. Someone who is practicing, has a mature outlook but also a GSOH.

M7455 ID:18840 Photo Location: South West Telephone: MEMBERS ONLY Email: MEMBERS


I am a Belgian citizen Muslim of Pakistani origin, 28, 5’10”, worki as a hotel manager. Fluent in Urdu, Dutch and

English. Feel free to ask more. I am looking for a decent and caring girl who must be Sunni and Urdu speaking.

M7349 ID:17581 Photo Location: Antwerp Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am an English 39 year old Muslim, 6’2”, Msc and a Facilities C-0rdinator. I am positively drawn to the best in

people. I am sensitive, protective and shy. Looking for someone understanding, a good communicator, caring,

intelligent, mature but playful, conservative but inquisitive, open minded and driven

M7438 ID:18171 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


33, 5’6”, never married Pakistani origin, practicing Muslim. Hard working with a GSOH. Family man, good with

kids. Seeking an unmarried/divorced, British citizen who is good with family. Preferred language Punjabi/Urdu.

M7378 ID:18003 Photo Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS



Males Page 6 July/August 2019


British Bangladeshi Muslim, 22, 5’4”, work as a staff line manager. Trust. loyalty. Love and respect are very

important for me.  It doesn’t really matter how she looks from the outside so long as her personality is beautiful.

M7501 ID:20451 Photo Location: Wales Email: MEMBERS


I am religious Bangladeshi Muslim 33, 5’7”, masters educated and work in the retail sector. I pray 5 times and

try to avoid haram activities. She should be pretty and religious.

M7502 ID:20485 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a practising British Pakistani citizen, 28, and masters educated. Love traveling. I have travelled to the

Middle East a lot. Am religiously balanced. I like to recite the Quran and take part in Muslim community. Career

wise I’m a teacher and have opened a tuition centre. Prefer a Pashtanay background female, 25 or younger, not

been in a relationship before as I haven’t, preferably educated but not a must. I can compromise everything else.

M7503 ID:20542 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am an easy going and hard working Bangladeshi Muslim, 31, 5’6”, Msc, and working in retail. Currently with a

student visa. As a life partner I will try my best to keep you happy, rest of them depends on almighty Allah.

Looking for a Muslim girl, doesn’t matter who you are(single/divorced) but should have a beautiful heart.

M7481 ID:19994 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Sunni Muslim, 32, 5’1”, work as a pharmacist and am a practising Muslim. Seeking a like

minded match who is also practising.

M7482 ID:19997 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a single Pakistani Muslim, 23, 5’9”, and am aspiring to be a barrister. I am a well mannered person

belonging to a respectable family. She should be beautiful and we’ll behaved.

M7483 ID:20134 Photo Location: Cardiff Email: MEMBERS


British Arabic speaking man, 43, 5’6”, masters degree educated and working as a Trainee Family Therapist. I am

a divorced with 3 children. I am seeking an interesting and inspiring female Insha’Allah.

M7437 ID:18150 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a cool, flexible and outgoing Pakistani person, 28, 5’6”, work as an Information Sytems Business Analyst

and love to explore the world and dine out. Prefer someone co-operative, easy going, and a UK Muslim Citizen

M7452 ID:18748 Location: South West Email: MEMBERS


I am 48, 5’4”, divorced, no children, easy going, family oriented, enjoy travelling, work in the nursing profession,

Pakistani origin, a resident of Malta(EU), but I want to live and work in the UK. You can have school education,

with a similar outlook on life and religion. Should be family oriented, up to 35, from an educated family

M7426 ID:18925 Photo Location: Malta Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani citizen, 33, 5’6”, a masters educated engineer who enjoys fine dining and travelling. Am family

oriented, sociable, confident, professional and open minded. Looking for an educated female from a good family.

No ethnic preference.

M7456 ID:18855 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Pakistani single Muslim, 26, 5’10”, a masters student. I need maturity, a person who understands the life I need

and them to be understanding.

M7464 ID:19431 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am an easy going, ambitious and loyal British Pakistani, 29, 5’8”, divorced, born and raised in South London.

Likes: languages, passion fruit, boxing, poetry and stepping on crunchy leaves. Dislikes: tangly wires, flimsy

umbrellas, poor grammar and when people stand on the left side of the underground escalators. Favourite

quote: “You will be someone’s ancestor. Act accordingly.” Essentially I’m just looking for someone who I can

talk to about anything, who will be my best friend, who I can grow old with and who will be a good mother to

our children. I don’t have a particular ‘type’ ..let’s just see if we connect.

M7376 ID:17905 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Males Page 7 July/August 2019


Tall, friendly and easy going, British Pakistani Muslim, 22, 6’2”, studying for an accounting degree. Family

orientated, enjoys eating out, going to the cinema and can drive. Seeking a tall, slim female who can get on

with him and the family and is also friendly.

M7504 ID:20613 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Muslim, 40, 5’6”, divorced, work as an executive chauffer. Is honest and hate lies. Looking for

someone for the rest of my life. I need someone who understands the life and knows about respect in couples.

M7505 ID:20613 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 31, 5’9”, British Pakistani Muslim, work as a web developer after completing an IT degree. Based in

Manchester. Moderate religious views, open minded and spiritual. Looking to marry within a year. Hobbies

include cars, bikes, cooking, movies and food. Seeking someone 20-30, a UK based citizen with balance of E/W

values, English speaking, any Muslim Sunni, Shia etc who wants children and looking to marry within 1 year.

M7506 ID:20613 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a very friendly, honest, kind, soft hearted, straightforward and caring 34 year old British Pakistani Muslim,

5’11” working in sales and marketing. I love to keep fit and healthy and love to play sports. I don’t smoke

neither drink. Looking for a caring, friendly, loving and honest type of lady which I can spent my life with. 

M7484 ID:20173 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am an Iranian filmmaker, 36, 5’10”, a festival director, coming from an artistic family. I am kind, calm,

energetic and I know how to laugh at myself! I have a big heart and personality and most of all, I am honest. I

am looking for my other half. I can make you happy and am looking for an honest, beautiful person. I don’t care

if they have children, prefer a good personality, kind, honest, who gives their partner the proper attention.

M7485 ID:20200 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a 31 year old single British Pakistani bubbly guy, 5’8”, work as a manager and am a practising Muslim who

likes to meet new people and enjoys having fun. Any questions please ask. Would also like a bubbly and

Outgoing team player who is family oriented, loves kids, reads or would want to know more about Islam.

M7486 ID:20201 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I have a good understanding of ethical values and belong to an educated family, holding an engineering PhD

and working in the UK. I am 30, a British Pakistani, working as an engineer. I enjoy documentaries, family and

friends time, also like travelling, cycling and photography. I enjoy meeting people and travelling. I am open to

sharing more information, please get in touch. We are an educated family of five, originally from Punjab. Father

is a retired engineer (education PhD), a mother who is a housewife, sister (eldest) works in a law firm in London

and brother (youngest) is a research scientist. Settled in the UK, but also have family and friends in Pakistan. I

am seeking a friendly and open-minded person, who is positive, who values education and family. Someone

who is educated, understanding, kind and from an educated family.

M7350 ID:17575 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I’m 37, 5’11”, single, born and living in Egypt. Willing to relocate to the UK for settlement. Currently working in

a multinational bank in Egypt. Looking for a tender understanding person who would love to have children and

share a peaceful life. Not much to say. I have no specific details. Only a person who is willing to share life.

M7402 ID:18581 Photo Location: Egypt Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Single Indian Muslim 24, 5’9”, Masters in Engineering Management and work as an Assistant Manager at Euro

Garages. I am a Sunni Muslim and looking to settle down with the right person.

M7459 ID:19246 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Our son is 32, 5’11”, British Pakistani. He is a BA graduate in education, a hard working boy and keeps smart

and fit. We are a small, simple, moderate/liberal family with a medical background in the Nottingham area. We

are from a Sunni, Jatt background from the Mirpur area of Pakistan. We can swap pictures. Please do not

hesitate to contact if you are interested. Look forward to hearing from you soon. A girl between 24-35 who has

got a nice personality, modern outlook and is looking to settle down.

M7384 ID:7649 Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS

Males Page 8 July/August 2019


Divorced British Bangladeshi origin Muslim, 30, 5’11”, 1 child, work as a director. Looking for the right person.

Someone is kind, polite, generous and is able to compromise.

M7507 ID:20173 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


Simple, sweet honest British Pakistani Muslim, 35, 5’9”, work as a delivery driver, divorced (3 children). I trust in

Allah and am looking for someone who is honest with a good heart

M7508 ID:20739 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 35, 5’10”, previously married, a British Pakistani, Masters educated Chemical Engineer. I am an honest and

friendly person, settled in my professional career. I am looking for a sensible, caring and educated girl who is

down to earth and easy going.

M7509 ID:20747 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Bangladeshi Muslim, 20, 5’7”, studying to become an alim. I can’t wait to share my knowledge with

others. I hope to look for someone who is funny and adventurous like myself.

M7487 ID:20207 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am honest, humble, simple, caring and an Allah fearing man, 50, 6’, widowed with 1 child, Masters educated

and a citizen of the Netherlands. The most important thing in my life is to care about the people that I love most

in this life. I always love to be happy in life because that is the secret of my progress in life. I need a good and

Allah fearing woman, that knows the strong meaning of true love and marriage, someone mature with a GSOH

to take care of her family and the most important thing is to have patience in everything she is doing in life.

M7488 ID:20213 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I could be described as a young British Pakistani Muslim, caring, happy go lucky, loyal, friendly and funny. I’m

studying at university and I’m on for a first in Maths and Business. I am also an amateur boxer and like sports

and going out. Don’t want much, just a beautiful princess from a good, respectable family :). Must have Islamic

values. We are very family orientated. This doesn’t mean I’m living with my mum.

M7489 ID:20215 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am an easy going, family oriented British Pakistani Muslim, qualified dentist, practising Muslim. Looking for

someone who enjoys travelling, a university graduate, with similar outlook on life and religion. Should be family

oriented, age up to 27 years from an educated family.

M7458 ID:18914 Photo Location: North Email: contact MMS


I am a single male, 61, 5’11”, British Muslim, Khan. Interests are religion and UK travel. My immediate family

is small. I am a gentle peaceful man and WLTM a Punjabi woman from Rawalpindi, Pakistan, who is very

religious, 48-59yrs, wearing hijab, single/widow/divorcee with no children, height 5’5”+, good family lineage

of honest character. Areas preferred Sheffield and Preston or a Poonch district woman or Gujarati Majar

woman or Hindu convert or Kotli woman or a Punjabi Pakistani woman. Telephone: MEMBERS ONLY

M7301 ID:12981 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: contact MMS


Divorced 31 year old British Pakistani cab driver in London, 5’9”, practising Muslim who is a graduate. I would

prefer a similar match who is educated.

M7461 ID:19324 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I’m just a 39 year old British Pakistani Kahsmiri Muslim, 39, 5’8”, divorced with no children and currently self

employed. I would like someone honest and not judgemental.

M7462 ID:19341 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I’m easy going and hardworking. I’m a down to earth and friendly 25 year old British Pakistani Muslim, 5’8”, a

masters educated engineer. I’m looking for someone who is family oriented and friendly, who can travel in

deen and dunya together

M7400 ID:18146 Photo Location: North East Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS



Males Page 9 July/August 2019


I am a loving, caring & hardworking person, 26, 5’6”, British Pakistani graduate, working in customer services. I

respect others and am looking a faithful, loving & caring person. A person who know how to respect others.

M7510 ID:20751 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am dedicated businessman, British Indian Sunni Muslim, 34, single, 5’11”, a Masters educated businessman. I

value family life and believe in mutual respect. Looking for a decent educated girl. Must be 5.5 or over in height

and from a good family.

M7511 ID:20778 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I have made this profile on behalf of my brother, 37, a single British Pakistani Muslim, 5’7”, ACCA and self

employed. I would describe him as an educated, responsible, caring family man who is looking to start the next

chapter in his life. Seeking someone who is caring, bubbly and family orientated.

M7512 ID:20783 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


My son is 25, 5’10”, respectful and honest person. An associate chemical engineer belongs to an educated

family, father retired from Pakistan Air Force, mother house-wife, 4 siblings elder brother married (UK citizen),

1 married sister. Only serious families/parents contact. I am looking a family oriented young girl for my son who

would like to live her life according to Quran and Sunnah.

M7425 ID:18918 Photo Location: Haripur Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am from Birmingham, 34, 5’7”, British Pakistani, work as a manager. I am decent looking, loyal and

understanding. Looking for a girl who is into understanding the Deen.

M7465 ID:19434 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


Soft spoken, gentle guy, Pakistani Shia Muslim and citizen of the Netherlands, 38, 5’7”, Msc, work as an IT

consultant, understand Islamic values and am family oriented. Looking for someone who is kind, loving, willing

to build up mutual understanding and compromise. Cares for looks but more important has a good heart.

M7467 ID:19592 Photo Location: The Hague Email: MEMBERS






























Females Page 10 July/August 2019


Very genuine, authentic person, British Indian female, 46, 5’, a postgrad educated teacher. Love the simple

things in life like cooking, socialising, walking in nature, reading and watching sitcoms. WLTM someone honest,

decent and practising.

914F6 ID:20682 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Humble, honest and positive person, British Pakistani, 36, 5’2”, a post grad educated solicitor. I believe in valuing

and enjoying every moment in life. Marriage in my mind is a life time commitment, one which should be

enjoyed. With this in mind, I haven’t simply settled with any proposal that came my way, I want to be confident

that it is the right person for me in terms of compatibility. I am a firm believer that Allah swt has the best plans

for us all, as long as we approach life with a clean and pure heart. Must: humble, hardworking, positive, Allah

fearing and a grounded person. A sense of humour will be a plus point too! Not acceptable: angry natured

people, jealous, arrogant, disrespectful to others.

916F6 ID:20780 Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a sincere and good natured person, 40, 5’6”, slim build, British Pakistani. I am LLB and LPC educated. I have

never been married. I am working as legal assistant for a solicitors firm. I respect my religious and cultural values.

I am family orientated. I enjoy reading, going for walks and spending spare time with family and friends. I am

looking for a British male, prefer a degree holder who shares similar values.

897F6 ID:12215 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a simple, educated and family oriented girl, British Pakistani, single, 35, 5’5”, practising Sunni Muslim. I

enjoy spending time with my family and see myself as a very homely girl. I am a hardworking and open minded

person who tries to live a simple and peaceful life. My deen is extremely important to me therefore I strive to

better myself as a Muslimah and am always conscious of my actions I am looking for a hard working, educated

and God fearing partner. I WLTM someone who is family orientated and understands the importance of a family

unit and has the potential to be a good husband and father.

876F6 ID:18893 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


For my sister: I am a very compassionate, kind hearted and fund loving individual, 38, single, 5’3”, British

Pakistani, MA educated and working in customer services. I have a GOSH, enjoy making people smile and

helping them in any way that I can. I come from a loving, supportive and caring family, therefore, family values

are high on my agenda. I am a creative person and in my spare time I enjoy photography, drawing and graphic

design. My religion is important but I am not a fanatic; I try to follow my religion to the best of my ability. I am

looking for a life partner who is a British national. Someone who is honest, sincere, kind hearted and a good

Muslim, with good family values. He must be educated, as education is key in modern life. He must have a

GSOH, open minded, down to earth, with good morals and a good caring nature.

852F6 ID:18928 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


My daughter is a well educated teacher, 28, 5’3”, Pakistani origin and completed education in UK, including

ACCA and Masters. She is family oriented and has a kind nature. She prefers to have someone with whom she

could progress further in life, appreciates open minded people. She likes travelling and exploring. We reside in

London and are looking for similar Sunni boy, who is settled and family oriented.

847F6 ID:17948 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Socially active British Palestinian divorced female with 1 child. 47, 5’3”, work as a personal life coach. I like

travelling, reading, contribution to the community, watching TV, enjoying life and have fun. Looking for a revert

Muslim, Arabic or Turkish man, 47-58, open minded, honest, a good Muslim who likes social life and knows how

to have good time. Ideally not married, bachelor degree at least, lives in the UK and is UK passport holder.

853F6 ID:18982 Photo Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Easy going, family oriented British Pakistani female, 24, 5’4”, qualified dentist. I enjoy travelling am a university

graduate and looking for a person with a similar outlook to life and religion. Should be family oriented, from an

educated family and aged from 25-32 years.

878F6 ID:18915 Photo Location: South Email: contact MMS



Females Page 11 July/August 2019


Single Indian descent Muslim lady, US citizen in New York, 36, 5’7”, attractive, tall, romantic, caring, tender and

a good listener. Looking for a reliable man with good manners to create a cozy home with.

917F6 ID:20808 Photo Location: New York Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a Sunni Muslim female 31, 5’, a property entrepreneur and Interior Designer from an educated family

background. My everyday life is marked with honesty, loyalty & genuinity and am looking for the same attribute

in a “Life Partner”. I possess strong morals and stand by the principles of “right”& “wrong. The deepest part of

my heart is for ALLAH the sustainer, protector and fulfiller. He has given me everything through hard work.

I have been granted by grace of Allah health, wealth and beauty. I am ready now for the responsibility of

commitment. I’ve waited patiently and I believe Allah will reveal the right person under the right circumstances.

I have never been married but all this time I have grown and I am ready for a love story far better than I could

ever dream of. I am looking for a handsome, genuine, educated, professional male to get married and share my

uncomplicated life with. He should be maximum of 5’10”, never married or currently divorced.

918F6 ID:20779 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Family orientated law graduate, British Pakistani, 30, 5’5”, LLB, currently working as a Senior Policy Adviser in

central government (Westminster). Enjoy spending time with family, reading and travelling. Looking for a like

minded person with a professional educated background.

811F6 ID:11384 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Easy going, educated lady, 34, 5’5”, British Pakistani, single, completed a law degree and now working as a

teacher. I would like an easy going and caring partner.

898F6 ID: Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a mature, responsible individual, 33, 5’6”, divorced with 2 children, British Pakistani. Seeking a mature,

responsible, family oriented guy.

874F6 ID:18861 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I have finished studying law and am training as a paralegal and also work part time as administration at hospital

for social workers. I am 27, 5’3”, a British Pakistani, single, hardworking and open minded girl. I am modern and

traditional at the same time. I love to travel, read, gym, hang out with my family and friends, help people etc. I

am looking for a guy who I can be friends with, who can make me laugh, is understanding, a good listener, fun,

mature, educated, honest, happy, loyal, support and appreciates me.

875F6 ID:18880 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I belong to a practising Sunni Muslim family, 24, 5’6”, qualified Optometrist. We observe namaz, roza, zakath

and dress modestly and respect elderly. I would describe myself as hardworking, open minded, simple, caring,

family oriented, educated and searching for a life partner for marriage. Person should be family oriented,

understanding, of good character, educated and UK living. Similar outlook to world and religion.

894F6 ID:20004 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


My sister is a loving and caring person, 38, 5’4”, a dental worker, British Pakistani, divorced with no children. She

works in London and resides with parents. Father is a retired physician. We are a Sunni, Urdu speaking family.

Details can be shared upon request. Looking for a well educated, practicing Muslim from a decent family.

851F6 ID:18175 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I’m divorced with kids, 30, 4’11”, British, not working. Looking for a Sunni Muslim who is an honest, reliable

husband and no time wasters.

879F6 ID:18924 Location: midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a kind hearted and giving 46 year old British Indian divorced female, 46, 5’4”. My deen is very important to

me, at the same time as living a balanced life with my children. Looking for a practising Muslim who enjoys

spending time with family and wants to build a life together in all things like the challenges and happy times.

885F6 ID:19384 Location: South Email: MEMBERS



Females Page 12 July/August 2019


I live with my family in Faislabad. I am 24, 5’3”, Masters educated, slim, well educated and a single girl. I am

looking for a handsome Muslim boy, ideally in the UK or US. Should be a good rishta.

919F6 ID:20915 Photo Location: Faislabad Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Pakistani national female, masters educated teacher, 30, 5’4”. I always speak the truth. I don’t like liars and

cheaters. I prefer a good rishta, e.g. doctor, engineer, solicitor.

921F6 ID:20695 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I’m a 38 year old British Bangladeshi female, successful TV Producer, Editor and Presenter whilst being a dutiful

single mother of 2 children; daughter 13, son 12. I was born in London where I live and work. I have adopted the

Shia way of Islam, but am open to considering suitors of either path so long as they are of strong character and

genuinely aspire to increase practicing the religion. I am 5’2, size 12, healthy and active. Enjoy going to the gym

regularly, thrive on reading about history, politics, and biographies. Whilst being homely and appreciating quiet

nights in, I do love to explore different cultures and cuisines and widen my horizons and experiences in life.

Looking to meet a man who is ready to be a husband and life partner to love and laugh through life with. It has

been just over 10 years since my divorce, but I am thriving in all aspects of my life. I am ready to open myself to

the joys of sharing myself and my life with someone who is a UK professional serious about finding a life partner.

899F6 ID:19978 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


21 year old Mirpuri Pakistani female, 5’4”, slim, Masters educated and working as a Science Teacher. I am a

practising Muslimah and I need a simple educated person.

900F6 ID:19986 Photo Location: AJK Email: MEMBERS


Loving, caring, compromising, British Pakistani female, 40, 5’7”, divorced with 1 child, seeking halal relationship

leading to marriage. Person should be about 5’8”, educated, professional, loyal, caring, committed, a non

smoker, non alcoholic, no drugs and only halal past relationships

873F6 ID:18859 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


24 year old British Pakistani Sunni 24, 5’3”, degree educated and working in accounting and finance. She’s slim,

ambitious and hard working as well as family orientated. Likes to travel and spend time with family, works

alongside charities and does her bit to help. Looking preferably for a Pakistani Sunni, someone who possesses

a degree. We are looking for someone who likes to travel and is a bit adventurous as well as ambitious, career

driven and hard working. Personality wise someone bubbly, intelligent and easy going.

850F6 ID:18797 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am energetic and easy going, 29, 5’5”, British Pakistani, working as an admin assistant. Like travelling, watching

movies and like keeping fit. Seeking someone decent, easy going, and educated and likes travelling & keeping fit.

788F6 ID:17726 Photo Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani female, 24, 5’3”, a dentistry student. Loves to travel, likes nature, photography and animals.

Seeking a well educated, decent boy, height 5’8” or above

831F6 ID:18118 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am educated, having a good balance between E/W cultures, 35, 5’6”, divorced (no children), qualified solicitor,

good looking, keep fit, eat healthy, enjoy travelling, fashion, art, music, movies, watching sport, socialising with

friends and family and cooking. I am also considerate towards others, polite, down to earth, God fearing, a good

listener and always willing to discuss and compromise. She is looking for a Sunni Muslim, educated, working

professional, preferably UK born and raised with Pakistani ethnicity for marriage with similar qualities as above,

who is currently living and working in the UK.

809F6 ID:17770 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I’m a down to earth person, British Pakistani, 46, 5’, divorced with 4 children, have a lot of patience. I’m looking

for my soul mate who is down to earth, caring and a loyal person, understanding and not judgemental.

882F6 ID:19085 Location: North Email: MEMBERS



Females Page 13 July/August 2019


My sister is very talented and a high qualified person, 28, 5’5”, Masters educated, British Pakistani, belonging

to a religious family. Searching for single, educated and settled person from Pakistani ethnicity.

922F6 ID:20700 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


My sister is 28, 5’5”, degree educated Sunni, of slim physique. Moderately fair complexion. She is British of

Pakistani origin and lives in London. She is a civil servant, practising Muslimah, GSOH, somewhat talkative,

bubbly personality, sensible and mature. She likes exploring new places and traveling. She has a good sense of

style but loves simple wear. We want a partner who is equally mature as her and can match with her nature,

has a GSOH & is soft spoken. A good dresser, he should be slim and tall, at least 5’9”, a practicing Sunni Muslim,

Urdu speaking. UK resident, graduate and nice family background. He should have a good job and be financially

stable to support her independently. A Punjabi from Lahore or Islamabad background can also be considered.

923F6 ID:20710 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Kind, loving 49 year old British Sunni Moroccan female, 5’6”, divorced with 1 child. Work as a retail manager

and am looking for someone serious about marriage.

901F6 ID:20005 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Divorced 29 year old British Pakistani Sunni Muslim, 4’11”, no children, MBA educated but not currently working.

You can ask me for more details. I prefer an honest, down to earth and long life partner.

902F6 ID:20041 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am an honest and straightforward divorced 35 year old British Pakistani female, 5’3”, Masters educated and

working as a beauty therapist. You should be honest and practical.

903F6 ID:20079 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Single British Pakistani female, 24, 5’2”, educated to college level but not currently working. I am a Sunni

Muslimah, practising and looking for a good match.

854F6 ID:17066 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I would describe myself as a fun loving, honest and a considerate person, divorced British Pakistani, 42, 5’2”,

work as a nursery practitioner. I am easy going, bubbly and a good listener. I have a GSOH who is very helpful. I

have been brought up with good family values and respect for everyone. Fun loving caring person.

883F6 ID:19137 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Family and career orientated, British Afghanistani female, 24, 5’4”, university graduate and working as a Data

and Exams Manager. I prefer a balance in life. Am a Liberal feminist, a foodie who loves cooking & eating. Enjoy

travelling, am futuristic and am always trying to improve myself through continuous personal development.

Seeking someone family and career orientated who is independent, confident enjoys travelling and is sociable.

884F6 ID:19361 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am an easy going person, British Pakistani female, 29, 5’4”, a degree educated Project Co-ordinator, quite

independent. I like going out to eat, watching TV, chilling and going to the gym. After marriage I would like to

continue working and go travelling. Prefer someone who follows Islam and wants to travel and explore new

places, is kind, caring, funny, and tall, 5’8”+.

868F6 ID:18588 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Educated British Pakistani female from a good family, 40, 5’5”, single, work as a pharmacist. Looking to start

the next journey in my life with someone educated, professional and with no children.

862F6 ID:18152 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


If I was to describe myself I would say I am very loving, kind and family oriented. British Indian, 52, 4’10”,

divorced with 2 children and working in health care. Always willing to help those who need me. Looking to find

love and companionship. Looking for a UK resident, close in age modern thinking gentlemen who speaks English

well. A guy who likes to chat and spend time with family. More can be discussed in future.

888F6 ID:19687 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


Females Page 14 July/August 2019


British born Pakistani, 25, 5’6”, work as a passenger assistant. Family oriented, I’m a loyal and caring person and

enjoy baking and cooking. I’d prefer someone who’s practising and doesn’t participate in milads or khatams, is

family oriented, well mannered.

924F6 ID:20736 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 47 years old ,5’5”, British Sunni Muslim, Pakistani, divorced with 5 children. I enjoy spending time with my

family and I also love to cook. I am seeking someone who is loving, caring and honest and someone who is a

family man.


925F6F6 ID:20743 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS




I am 34, 5’4”, Indian visitor female, divorced with 1 child. I am looking for only halal marriage, no pics sharing or


msg sharing. Talk to the point and that’s about it thanks. I prefer someone honest, capable of managing family


wives power, a highly intellectual person, calm, nice and supportive who can be a one man family LOL.


926F6 ID:20782 Location: South Email: MEMBERS




I am single, 24, 5’9”, currently living in Paris, Pakistani French citizen, Masters educated but not currently


working. Serious about getting settled. I am someone kind, spontaneous and family oriented who tries to enjoy


and be grateful for every little thing life offers. Looking for someone decent and who has respectful values.


904F6 ID:20192 Photo Location: Paris Email: MEMBERS




I am a practising Sunni Muslimah, 32, 5’4”, British Pakistani, university educated. I am religious however modern.


A good balance of both but always live by Islam. A kind caring women. Seeking a handsome, pious person who


has the same traits as me but is very mature and has good behaviour mannerisms.


905F6 ID:20209 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS




British female, 36, 5’4”, divorced with 3 kids. I am a revert practising Muslimah. Looking for a husband who is


Arab, open mind, respectful, loyal and from the UK.


906F6 ID:20233 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS




I am a lawyer, but that doesn’t mean I take myself too seriously. I’m 45, single, 5’5”, British Pakistani, outgoing


and sociable and have a GSOH! I’m well read and I love travelling, and exploring different cultures and traditions.


I’m a foodie and love experiencing different cuisines. I find it hard to identify myself as either liberal or modern,


or more traditional in outlook – I’m religiously orthodox, but that doesn’t mean I’m a conformist, or conversely,


not a free-thinker. Make up your own mind! I live my life by the values of kindness and generosity and integrity.


I’m loyal, curious, and always passionate about everything I do. Seeking someone special, not Mr Perfect, but


perfect for me. I’m looking for someone who is independent in spirit, loves to laugh, values hard work,


generosity, determination, kindness and respect. Someone who is open minded, a free thinker and independent


and secure enough to value a strong partner. Such a man will undoubtedly have a strong sense of Allah in his


heart! Which is important to me. I’ve waited a long time to get married. It was a choice. Now, I’m ready. I’m


ready to share my life and my future with someone who wants partnership and friendship and love.


893F6 ID:18602 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS 




British Pakistani female, 33, single, 5’5”, Msc and work as a dispenser. I am family oriented independent and


seeking someone also well educated, sensible and only genuinely seeking marriage within the year.


881F6 ID:18988 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS




I am a down to earth British Pakistani practising female, 27, 5’5”,  a degree educated support officer, friendly


and with a GSOH. Seeking someone who has deen in him and is family orientated.


813F6 ID:17818 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




I am the elder sister. My sister is 27, 5’2”, Mashaa-Allah very well qualified and a beautiful person. I am looking


for family oriented responses only from British Pakistani families. Non serious persons please don’t contact. A


reasonable person who belongs to a respectable family.


812F6 ID:17794 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




Females Page 15 July/August 2019


Down to earth Bangladeshi Sunni, here on a work visa as a doctor, 28, 5’3”, is caring and affectionate towards

her family. She loves her work and would like to continue her career. Practices religion, done Umrah and hajj.

She loves to travel. Being a doctor, my daughter has always been kind to people. She is the only daughter to a

Retired army officer dad and lawyer mother. Has a younger brother who is studying engineering. She would love

to meet someone from the same profession and mentality, any nationality and a good human being.

927F6 ID:20828 Photo Location: Wales Email: MEMBERS


I am a widow mother of 3, British Pakistani, 55, 5’1”. I have been alone for a number of years. As my kids have

grown up I would like my companionship reignited. I am unable to relocate so if you are willing to relocate that

would be great. Should be understanding, someone of the same background as me and who I can connect with.

928F6 ID:20852 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am looking for a match for my niece, who is an Indian Muslimah, 22, 5’6”,  in the UK currently visiting. She is a

down to earth, polite and a caring individual. She is graduate in commerce and works for a real estate firm in

India. She likes cooking, travelling and socialising. Pls email if interested. My niece seeks a man who is caring,

respectful & settled in life who likes to travel & is fun loving. Somebody family oriented and a practising Muslim.

929F6 ID:20863 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Pakistani practising Muslimah, 28, 5’4”, divorced with no children, currently on Asylum status. Graduated in

English Literature but not working. Allah is the best planner. You must be in the UK.

907F6 ID:20245 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani female, 28, 5’1”, completed a Masters in Accounting, work as an accountant. I am friendly,

ambitious, like to travel. Looking for someone who is smart, successful, tall and kind.

908F6 ID:20248 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Pleasant, co-operative, friendly 34 year old Pakistani Muslimah, 5’2”. Looking for someone who is well settled,

friendly, and polite natured with a good personality.

909F6 ID:20261 Photo Location: Rawalpindi Email: MEMBERS


We are a moderate, forward looking, practising Sunni Muslim family. She is 28, 5’5”, observes namaz, roza,

zakath and dresses modestly but does not wear the headscarf. We are looking for a suitable match for our

daughter. She is pursuing the final year of her post graduation in general practice in the UK after completing her

MBBS also in the UK. She grew up in Canada and Oman. We are Canadian citizens of Indian origin. Well educated

(masters), fluent in English, based in UK, liberal, outgoing, adventurous, likes to travel, social and family oriented.

742F6 ID:17072 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


This profile is created on behalf of my sister who is 30, 5’, degree educated and working as a teaching assistant.

Looking for a practising Muslim and for any more information please contact.

891F6 ID:19821 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Practising British Sunni Muslimah, 34, 5’2”, divorced, work in customer services and fully covered. Am

independent, reliable and a home maker. Seeking a practising Sunni Muslim, honest, trustworthy, hard

working, who can take on responsibility for children, works, has sunnah beard and a GSOH.

889F6 ID:19723 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am an educated young British Bangladeshi Muslim woman, 27, 5’, a teaching assistant from London. I come

from a small family of 2 sisters and mother & father. I am the eldest in my family. I am currently finishing

studying this year. I am looking for a Bengali Muslim. I live in London & prefer to marry someone near London.

890F6 ID:19808 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Simple, working girl, British Indian, 29, 5’1”, degree educated and with a professional career. Seeking a slim,

tall, highly educated, good individual.

838F6 ID:18496 Location: south Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS



Females Page 16 July/August 2019


Pakistani, 30, 5’3”, work permit, medical graduate working as a Sonographer. She is a simple and hard working

girl. Looking for a humble and family oriented person who is serious, stable and mature enough to get married.

930F6 ID:20890 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am an Indian reverted Muslim, 30, 5’4”, MBBS doctor. I’m down to earth, kind, funny and passionate about my

profession. I feel blessed that Allah has chosen me to be a Muslim. I try to improve myself day by day to be a

good Muslim. I am looking for a good Muslim for marriage with whom I can build a beautiful life.

931F6 ID:20891 Photo Location: India Email: MEMBERS


I am a divorced slim practising British Pakistani Muslim 42, 5’4”,  with no children. I also speak Punjabi and can

give more details about what I’m looking for upon request.

932F6 ID:20893 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am an independent divorced British Pakistani female, with no children, work as an account manager. I would

describe myself as a strong character. I respect everyone’s views and opinions and respect people who cherish

their families as I am family orientated person. I love to socialise with my family friends. I love adventure,

travelling, eating out, cinema and most of all just having a good laugh. I am looking for someone who is family

oriented, responsible, who works hard, loves to socialise, caring, who can make me laugh and loves to travel.

For me looks are important but not as much as a good and their personality. Must be genuine and real.

910F6 ID:20311 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Our daughter is 31, 5’8”, slim, fair complexion, black eyes, black hair, decent and happy personality. She is a

well-mannered and intelligent person. She is kind and helpful to elderly persons. She has lots of common sense,

reliable and trustworthy as expected of a professional person. She is working as a solicitor with a law firm in

West London. We are an educated and professional family. We are moderate Sunni Muslims. We are all British

citizens of Pakistan origin originally from Lahore Pakistan. We are looking for a successful professional person,

age under 35, with similar attributes who is a non smoker and non drinker and interested in marriage only. He

must be living and working in London or in the South East only

837F6 ID:18690 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I ’m a law student, Pakistani and a citizen of Germany, 22, 5’5”, slim, and a hafidh-Quran. Now seeking Islamic

knowledge, Tafseer and Arabic to understand the Quran. I think a person should be balanced in both Deen and

Dunya. Also educated, practising, well-mannered and with a decent family background.

859F6 ID:18013 Location: Hamburg Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


British Somalian female, 30, single, 5’7”, Sunni, degree educated and self employed. You can ask anything you

need to know about me. I am looking for someone of good character and conduct.

886F6 ID:19441 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Loving and very caring divorced British Pakistani female, 31, 5’4”, 2 children, degree educated and working as

a manager. Honesty is the best policy. Very bubbly personality and young at heart. I am a humble person who

always thinks of others first. Looking for pure love, the more he will love me the more I will love him. He has to

be a caring person with a great adventurous mind.

858F6 ID:18002 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS

I would describe myself as a hard working, loyal, caring, understanding, open minded, humble, down to earth

person, British Pakistani, 41, 5’5”, divorced, work in a bank. Likes travelling, going out and having fun within

limits. I am a sociable person and I strongly believe in respecting everyone no matter what background they are

from. I also strongly believe that you should always treat others the way you would like to be treated. I am

looking for a partner who has the qualities of a true gentleman. Someone who is genuine, caring, understanding

and trustworthy. Someone who is humble, loyal, has a great sense of humour and fun to be around with.

786F6 ID:17613 Photo Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS

I am 36 years old, 5’4”, originally from Lahore, and now living in Bradford from the last 4 years. I am divorced

and have got 2 daughters aged 3 and 2. I am looking for a sincere honest partner.

867F6 ID:18556 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS



Females Page 17 July/August 2019


I am a fun loving, British Indian 39, 5’ divorced with 1 child ,working as a Welfare Officer. I am friendly and

trustworthy and like watching movies, eating out, travelling, theatre, spending time with family and friends,

gym etc. I am looking to settle down with someone professional, honest, caring & intelligent who knows what

chivalry is. Someone with a fear of Allah whilst not dictatorial and accepts me and my son wholeheartedly.

933F6 ID:20931 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Pakistani female, 28, 5’6”, Msc from Punjab University but not currently working. I am looking for a similar

background rishta and can also consider from UAE, Australia, US but Arain family.

934F6 ID:20936 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani female, 36, 5’4”, MBA educated, work in admin. I am honest and speak straight forward.

Looking for an honest, non smoker, liberal, romantic, good looking person, who wants to travel all over the

world and start family.

912F6 ID:20413 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Easy going, down to earth British Somalian female, 44, 5’9”, divorced with 4 children, university educated and

also working. I have a good personality, am respectful, kind and my deen comes first. Looking for someone

humble, who prays 5 times, has a good personality, and fears his creator insha Allah.

913F6 ID:20561 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a hard working young person, 27, British Pakistani, 5’3”, an HR Consultant who is ambitious to do well but

also family orientated. I keep a good balance between deen and duniya and describe myself as a moderate

Muslim. You should have a GSOH, be hard working, a moderate Muslim, good family values and must be British.

814F6 ID:17994 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a practising French national Muslimah, speak many languages, 42, 5’5”, divorced with 2 children, working

as a private PA. Am spiritual and fun loving. Interested in a genuine connection with friends and family. I only

allow positive minds in my close circle and tend to have less patience for negative people now. I have an

interest in psychology, nutrition, theology, and a holistic approach to health. I have travelled a lot and have

more to discover Insha’Allah. I was born and raised in France, now in London. Although I did have a western

outlook on life growing up, I have found my peace following an Islamic lifestyle Alhamdoulillah. I would only

consider a practising Muslim with a keen interest in self-development. I would like to emphasise on the

importance of educating oneself on the rights and duties of each of the spouse and the importance of this

sacred union. Only a pure intention and a desire to please Allah would lead to a blessed marriage.

832F6 ID:18148 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


My sister is a pretty, practising Muslim professional, British Bangladeshi, 27, 5’2”, an HR adviser. She has

performed umrah and hajj more recently. She is mild tempered, sincere and faithful. She loves to travel, eat out,

cook and explore nature. She likes to keep fit by going to the gym and going mountain climbing. Family is very

important and she comes from a family of educated siblings. We are not very traditional so are open to all

ethnicities. We are looking for a like minded, educated and practising brother. He must be decent looking and

not tied down by tradition. Financially he must be independent and stable. A brother with similar interests who

is supportive, caring and conscious of his responsibilities to those around him. An easy going and sociable

individual with a GSOH who is always striving to improve himself in his Deen and connection with Allah swt.

836F6 ID:18624 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a practicing British Muslimah of Asian origin, 40, 5’, divorced and work as a teacher. I’m down-to-earth,

friendly, loving and good company. I enjoy reading, keeping fit, badminton, swimming and spending time with

my two children. I am a social and adventurous person. I like to think that part of being married enables one to

share and experience difficulties together thus making them easier to bear. I’m looking for a practicing Muslim,

or revert who is a resident in the UK or a European Citizen and is willing to relocate. Someone who has a GSOH

but is also mature. I don’t mind about ethnicity because personality is the second most important thing. I would

like someone who’s grounded, compassionate, understanding, loving and who enjoys being part of a family.

880F6 ID:18952 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS



Females Page 18 July/August 2019


British Pakistani 28, single, 5’7”, Bsc, working professional and an outgoing person who loves to travel and

enjoy the blessings of life. I want to visit different places with my future husband inshAllah. I am a down to

earth person. Seeking an ambitious loving individual who has great morals and understand family values.

935F6 ID:20946 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I’m nice, kind and caring Canadia woman, 50, 5’7”, living in Derby. I am always happy and trying to make

everyone around me happy. I am a positive and lively person who is ready and willing to get to know something

new, interesting and useful. I possess a GSOH and don’t like boring and too serious people. I am always on the

move! At the same time I have a well-balanced and thoughtful personality who doesn’t like fuss. I am a very

affectionate and devoted woman. I am looking for a responsible and self-confident man who is ready to make

his own family. I want an interesting, smart, loving, honest family man to enter my life.

911F6 ID:20315 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a simple, religious and conservative divorced with 2 children, British Bangladeshi Muslim woman, 28, 5’6”

working in the legal sector. and I am very loving and caring for my family. I am looking for somebody whom I

can trust, is loving, caring and religious.

892F6 ID:19917 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Rajput female 28, 5’3”, single, practising Muslimah, completed a Bsc and working as a senior

scientist. I am from Scotland and looking for a Rajput rishta from the UK

887F6 ID:19448 Location: Scotland Email: MEMBERS


I am a human soul with a long list of faults and a longer list of virtues alhamdolillah. 39, British Moroccan

practising Muslimah, 5’6”, masters educated, working as a teacher and divorced with one child. A genuine soul,

responsible, respectable and with a sense of humour.

746F6 ID:17126 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Looking for match for our daughter who is a confident British Pakistani, 21, 5’, slim, born in the UK with family

background from Lahore. Privately educated and now in the final year of a degree. We are a close knit family

with a good emphasis on religious values. Parents are graduates and run a successful business. Our daughter is

forward thinking and career minded with strong family values. Looking for someone from a similar background

with good family values. Graduate with good career prospects and appreciation of the importance of Islam.

Should be British, confident, have a GSOH and be able to adapt and mix with our family. Marriage is not just the

coming together of two individuals but the coming together of two families and mutual respect for both. Initial

contact will be through the parents.  Only serious individuals to apply and all will receive a reply.

833F6 ID:18201 Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Born in the Netherlands, grown up in London, UK permanent residency, 26, 5’5”, Masters educated and an

Analytical Chemist. Family background: Memon, originally from Indian sub-continent, now primarily in East

Africa. Family orientated and not materialistic. Deen: Practicing Muslimah. Wears hijab. Trying to learn more

about religion, and to become better. Current interests are tafseer. Hope to learn Arabic Inshallah. Character/

Personality: Low maintenance, friendly, GSOH, easy going, family orientated, gets along with people, likes a

happy environment. Would like to work after marriage. Hobbies/Interests: Travelling to see new places,

especially of natural beauty or historical sites. Reading and interested in sports and outdoor activities. Like

cooking and enjoy many cuisines. Enjoy spending time with family and friends. Looking for a partner interested

in learning more about the Deen, even if you aren’t that practicing. Looking to get married the Islamic way, so

we can strive for Jannah together and Inshallah our marriage will have the right balance of deen and dunya.

Would like someone family-oriented, and prefer someone with similar interests, a non-smoker. Not looking for

a specific ethnicity. Someone who has grown up in the UK, has no immigration issues, aged 23-32.

835F6 ID:18225 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS

I am a single hard working British Pakistani female, 27, 5’5”, a charity worker who is a loyal individual striving to

do my best in everything. I’m compassionate, caring and would make an excellent wife. Looking for someone

who is willing to compromise, and preferably someone who’s living on their own.

870F6 ID:18747 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS