Males 18-26, Printable Monthly UK list

NOTE – This UK list also includes Muslims who do not sign up directly on our website




I’m honest hard working person, British Pakistani, 23, 5’5”, a practising Sunni Muslim seeking a practising

Muslim girl.

M7538 ID:21183 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


My son graduated in petroleum engineering, 24, 5’10”, Indian Sunni Muslim, now doing Maters in drilling and

well testing at Robert Garden University Aberdeen. We are looking for a suitable girl for him

M7534 ID:21031 Location: Aberdeen Email: MEMBERS


British Sunni Muslim Pakistani, 25 years old, 5’8”, Masters educated and working as a software engineer. I am

active, simple, caring and looking for a loving active, sensible person.

M7533 ID:21015 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I believe I am a friendly and kind individual who sees the best in others. I am 23, British Bangladeshi, work as a

chartered accountant. I am laid back and try to be a fun person to be around and like to laugh with others. I am

also ambitious and hard-working. Alhamdulillah, I have been blessed with a stable and rewarding career which

has a lot of potential for growth. I like to keep active and go to the gym. I also enjoy travelling and experiencing

new food and cultures and am hoping to see more parts of the world in the near future. Please message if you

have any questions. I am looking for a partner who is educated, practices her religion, and has a friendly

personality. I have a modern outlook on life but I try to maintain good traditional values and would hope for

the same. Ideally they would also be into fitness, easy to get along with and be confident and assured whilst

remaining humble. I am looking for someone who I can learn with and can help shape me into a better person.

M7523 ID:22085 Photo Location: Aberdeen Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


MSc student, Pakistani origin, 26, 5’10”, want to marry a Muslim girl and settle in the UK. A Muslim girl who is

preferably single, but I am open to divorced girls as well. Looking for someone religiously practicing.

M7521 ID:20785 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 22 years old, 5’7”, a civil servant, British Pakistani Muslim from Bradford. I am single and seeking a person

for whom Islamic values are important.

M7522 ID:20835 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a loving, caring & hardworking person, 26, 5’6”, British Pakistani graduate, working in customer services. I

respect others and am looking a faithful, loving & caring person. A person who know how to respect others.

M7510 ID:20751 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Tall, friendly and easy going, British Pakistani Muslim, 22, 6’2”, studying for an accounting degree. Family

orientated, enjoys eating out, going to the cinema and can drive. Seeking a tall, slim female who can get on

with him and the family and is also friendly.

M7504 ID:20613 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


British Bangladeshi Muslim, 22, 5’4”, work as a staff line manager. Trust. loyalty. Love and respect are very

important for me.  It doesn’t really matter how she looks from the outside so long as her personality is beautiful.

M7501 ID:20451 Photo Location: Wales Email: MEMBERS


I am a simple person, Bangladeshi origin, 26, 5’8” ,self employed and degree educated. Seeking marriage to

fulfil my deen. I prefer my partner to fear Allah subhanahu ta’ala.

M7500 ID:20421 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am looking rishta for my only brother, 26, 6’, an events manager, Pakistani. He is handsome, respectful

towards other and especially women. He has a GSOH, is hardworking and family orientated. Anyone interested

can text or email. We want a good family girl, aged 20-30. We don’t need any degrees or status. We need a

humble and sweet family. My parents want another daughter for their house.

M7497 ID:20256 Photo Location: South  Email: MEMBERS


I am honest and practising British Afghani from London, 24, 5’5”, an accountant, having a balanced approach

towards duniya and akhirah matters. Looking for a practising and knowledgeable sister to complete the other

half of my deen from an Afghan/Pakistani background. Plus points: An Aa’lima / active student of knowledge.

M7494 ID:20238 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I’m a family guy and open minded, 24, 5’11”, a degree educated detention custody officer, British Pakistani. I’m

active, open as a book, always hungry. Lots more to find out so ask away. My main aim is to find someone who

will treat my family as their own. Someone who is real, respectful, kind, considerate and practising.

M7492 ID:20225 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Mother looking for an educated girl for her son, 25, 6’, ACCA and a Tax Accountant, British Indian. Girl should be

slim, well educated, from an educated family and 5’5”, preferred.

M7493 ID:20234 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I could be described as a young British Pakistani Muslim, 20, caring, happy go lucky, loyal, friendly and funny. I’m

studying at university and I’m on for a first in Maths and Business. I am also an amateur boxer and like sports

and going out. Don’t want much, just a beautiful princess from a good, respectable family :). Must have Islamic

values. We are very family orientated. This doesn’t mean I’m living with my mum.

M7489 ID:20215 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


British Bangladeshi Muslim, 20, 5’7”, studying to become an alim. I can’t wait to share my knowledge with

others. I hope to look for someone who is funny and adventurous like myself.

M7487 ID:20207 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a single Pakistani Muslim, 23, 5’9”, and am aspiring to be a barrister. I am a well mannered person

belonging to a respectable family. She should be beautiful and we’ll behaved.

M7483 ID:20134 Photo Location: Cardiff Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Sunni Muslim, 24, 5’8”, currently a medical student and practising Sunni Muslim, I prefer to

find an educated professional.

M7474 ID:19842 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Single Pakistani Sunni Muslim, 22, 5’9”, completed ACCA and Msc in Accounting and Finance and working as an

auditor. Looking for a Muslim who is professional educated, preferably Pakistani ethnically, 22 or around.

M7472 ID:19709 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Pakistani Kashmiri Sunni Muslim, 26, 5’10”, IT degree and work as a supervisor at Emaar in Dubai. Have brothers

& sisters in London & Birmingham. I like to keep fit and I regularly go to the gym. Looking for a Sunni Pakistani

female aged 20-25. Someone who is caring and friendly

M7469 ID:19601 Photo Location: Dubai Email: MEMBERS


I am a kind, respectful and open-mind British Pakistani, 24, 6’, self employed practising Sunni Muslim. I will

show a picture if we match.

M7468 ID:18840 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Pakistani single Muslim, 26, 5’10”, a masters student. I need maturity, a person who understands the life I need

and them to be understanding.

M7464 ID:19431 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


Single Indian Muslim 24, 5’9”, Masters in Engineering Management and work as an Assistant Manager at Euro

Garages. I am a Sunni Muslim and looking to settle down with the right person.

M7459 ID:19246 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Asian Post grad Physician Associate student, 26, 5’6”. I am a big football fan, likes to watch movies, GoT,

go to the gym and read. Looking for someone who is down to earth, nice, caring and looking to settle down

M7454 ID:18817 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Pakistani MBBS doctor, 25, 5’10”, Sunni Muslim and average build. Recently finished my Medicine degree and

looking for a well-mannered, well-educated British Muslimah in the UK.

M7448 ID:18545 Photo Location: Islamabad Email: MEMBERS


I am a family man, Pakistani origin, 24, 5’9”, single, looking to get married within one year. I just completed my

Masters and will be looking to probably go for a PhD soon Insha Allah. I come from an educated family with my

elder sister being a doctor and my younger brother an engineer. Anything else you can ask. I am seeking two

qualities, respect of elders and a strong belief in deen.

M7440 ID:18211 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am from a large Gujjar family in the north west, 26, single, 6’2”, British Pakistani, self employed in the family

business. Keen interest in sports, keeping fit and travel. Happy easy going and honest. Prefer someone who has

an optimistic outlook on life and is looking build on her deen.

M7434 ID:18051 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am looking for a British Muslim girl 21-23. I am 22, 5’9”, Pakistani Sunni Muslim, a graduate and businessman.

My brother in law is doing bachelors and is a mobile phone technician. Once he comes to the UK he will have

good career prospects as we as a family will make sure he has a good career and job with the skills he has. The

girl will have her own private life as no in laws are here so they both can have a good understanding and married

life Insha Allah with his brother and me supporting them. You should be a Muslim, British and Educated.

M7427 ID:19083 Photo Location:  Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


My son is 25, 5’10”, respectful and honest person. An associate chemical engineer belongs to an educated

family, father retired from Pakistan Air Force, mother house-wife, 4 siblings elder brother married (UK citizen),

1 married sister. Only serious families/parents contact. I am looking a family oriented young girl for my son who

would like to live her life according to Quran and Sunnah.

M7425 ID:18918 Photo Location: Haripur Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Looking for someone who is loyal and has a positive outlook in life. I love long drives, am into deen and as I want

to improve my deen. I am 25, 5’5”, a British Bangladeshi, work as an accountant. I am quite confident in life

and am a straight up honest person. I want her to be loyal and honest with me and get along with my family

M7421 ID:17988 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am very co-operative and supportive as well as kind and generous. I am 26, single, 5’7”, a graduate and

working as a team leader in a large multi-national. I love my family and enjoy spending time with my friends. I

love to travel and participate in sports such as cricket and badminton I would like someone who is supportive

and is respectful to her own and my family.

M7408 ID:17866 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


UK Citizen by birth, 23, 6’2”, Masters degree from top Russell Group University and working as an analyst.

Pakistani origin however both parents UK born. Wider family is extensive but limited in regular contact. Having

direct contact with both families is a must. Looking for similar minimum degree qualified, ideally Master or

professionally qualified from good family background. Must be a UK citizen, with parents also living here. Must

have ethics which value and appreciate traditional/moderate values, understand our culture / deen and adjust

to suit situation whilst also accommodating working and living in a western society not forgetting family values.

Preference would a Sunni Muslim, Urdu/Punjabi speaking with ambition to pursue a professional career.

M7406 ID:17838 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I’m easy going and hardworking. I’m a down to earth and friendly 25 year old British Pakistani Muslim, 5’8”, a

masters educated engineer. I’m looking for someone who is family oriented and friendly, who can travel in

deen and dunya together

M7400 ID:18146 Photo Location: North East Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I’m 21 British Pakistani Sunni Muslim, 21, currently working as a warehouse operative. I am family oriented, I

like going to the gym. You should be preferably 18-21, dress code: modest, ethnicity: any, religious sect: Sunni.

M7396 ID:17746 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I’m a Sales Professional, 23, 5’11”, British Pakistani, work as a sales manager and come from a well respected

family. I’ve been blessed to go on Umrah twice Alhamdulilah. I’d describe myself as an open minded, respectful

person who treats people the way I would personally want to be treated. I like travelling, going to the gym,

doing charity work to give something back to the community. I am looking to settle down with someone who has

a nice personality is good to get along with, open-minded, easy going, with good characteristics and is humble.

M7391 ID:17687 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Caring, loving, handsome and cheerful British Pakistani Muslim, 26, 5’9”. I pray all 5 prayers every day. I’m hard

working and like a positive Islamic atmosphere at home. Looking for a similar practising person.

M7392 ID:17710 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Single British Bangladeshi Muslim, 22, 5’6”, completed my degree in BA hons Forensic Accounting and also

completed my Quran hifz. Am funny, lively and honest. Looking for someone who’s on the deen and can hold

up banter and can talk to me at any point even at 3am.

M7381 ID:17622 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


My friends describe me as hardworking, loving, sincere with a good sense of humour. I am 25, 5’9”, completed

a diploma in civil engineering and working in sales, Pakistani Muslim. Looking for someone who is sincere,

caring and most of all God loving

M7379 ID:18016 Photo Location: Pakistan Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am 25, 5’10”, a Pakistani Muslim, did electrical and electronics engineering and now am doing masters in

engineering management. I am looking for a girl who is honest and pure in making relations with families and

also supportive and a hard-worker

M7369 ID:17559 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Pakistani Muslim, 26, Msc student ,5’9”, further description will be provided on meeting. Am interested in a

Muslim who speaks Urdu or Phuston, aged 20-25. A British citizen who belongs from Pakistan.

M7362 ID:17457 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Bangladeshi Muslim, 20, 5’7”, currently working in restaurant as a waiter and going start studying HNC soon

inshallah. I am also a Hafiz, read namaz 5 times a day and recite quran when possible. Looking for a loving,

caring and a practicing Muslima.

M7363 ID:17467 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a hard working man, 25, 5’8”, working in IT, Pakistani Muslim. I am looking for any Muslim loyal lady, no

age restrictions who respects my dignity

M7360 ID:17395 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a humble person, 25, 6’, work as an architect and doctorate educated, British Pakistani. I respect women a

lot and am learning about life. I was born with a silver spoon and money was never a problem. I am looking for

any girl who wants to be treated with respect, can speak her mind and show me how I can better myself. I don’t

care if she is young or old, single or divorced or widowed. I just want her to be herself and be open to be

respected by me for the rest of her life. Also, I lost my family in a car accident and would like a girl and her family

to love me like their own son and I promise I will honour them like even their own son might not.

M7361 ID:17419 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Sunni Muslim, 23, 5’8”, university educated British Pakistani engineer, religious. Looking for a Pakistani

practicing Sunni Muslim, Asian from a good family background.

M7362 ID:17427 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am Pakistani British born Muslim, 25, 6’, university educated and also working in sales. Looking for a single

Pakistani and Chachi.

M7355 ID:17348 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


Practicing British Pakistani Muslim, 23, 5’11”, work as a manager in own business. Looking for someone with a

good personality. I am a hard worker and very family oriented so would want someone similar. Hijab is

important to me. I travel frequently and want to see the rest of the world with a loving partner. Looking for a

partner who is caring and sweet. Someone who will be willing to relocate after marriage. Not looking for dating

etc only want to keep it halal. IA a straight forward person. Also, I prefer a wife who will wear hijab.

M7352 ID:17733 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am 21, 5’9”, a British Pakistani Muslim, studying pharmacy. I love reading tafseer in Arabic. I pray five times a

day and like charity work. I live with my family, enjoy playing video games, don’t read much except articles

online and Islamic books. Am looking for a woman with an open mind who fears Allah and can help me in my

journey towards him. I want a woman who will act on the good and strive to leave the haram and observes the

hijab. Praying 5 times a day is a must. I don’t mind Indian, Bengali and Afghani but would prefer Pakistani.

M7344 ID:17311 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I would describe myself as honest, caring, intelligent, hardworking, and ambitious. I am a British Pakistani

Muslim, 22, 5’9”, masters in pharmacy and working part time. I have a GSOH, am easy going person, a spiritual

person & enjoy travelling, watching movies, going out for dinner, and having intellectual conversations! I am

looking to meet someone open-minded, patient, with an enthusiasm for life. My life partner should be more of

a friend, compassionate, understanding, caring & have a big heart

M7345 ID:17324 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I come from an educated, well-respected family, British Indian Muslim, MBBS, 26, 5’11”, working as a doctor.

Would also like a doctor from an educated, well-respected family.

M7343 ID:17308 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@MEMBERS


Humble, honest and caring person, 23, 5’11”, British Pakistani, very well educated, with a GSOH and a love for

food and learning. Anything you may want to know, please ask. You must be kind, honest, have a GSOH, also a

love of food. Someone who wants to better their religion.

M7341 ID:17294 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am confident, respectful and an honest individual, 23, 5’7”, British Pakistani, working. Looking for someone

that is honest, respectful, open with a GSOH. Feel free to drop a message

M7336 ID:17238 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I’m on here to look for marriage, 25 years old, 5’6”, Pakistani, working in sales. I’m caring, family oriented and a

moderate person. No one in this world is perfect. I would someone who is caring, cultural and honest.

M7334 ID:17218 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Pakistani male, 24, 6’, currently completing a masters in Computer Science. I am a single Sunni Muslim, and

looking for a religious and educated girl for marriage.

M7331 ID:17180 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a British Muslim male, Tanzanian origin, 23, 5’9” living in London and also working. Looking for a wife who

does not want children.

M7326 ID:17152 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am half Mauritian, half Pakistani Muslim, 26, 5’10”, ACCA finalist, currently in Mauritius and holding Mauritian

Nationality. I would like to finalize my marriage arrangements in 1.5 year InshaAllah. I am looking for serious girl

who is preferably British born and living with parents in UK anywhere, preferably Birmingham. Age can be

between 20 to 24. I would love to lead an Islamic life so the partner I will be looking should be having strong

Islamic values and cultural knowledge.

M7327 ID:17156 Photo Location: Mauritius Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am 25, 5’11”, a practising Pakistani Muslim doing my masters in Germany with a plan to do Phd in the future.

Feel free to ask more questions. I am not very demanding and am looking for a religious partner with whom I can

spend a happy life ever with.

M7322 ID:17115 Photo Location: Germany Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Muslim, 20. 6’1”, working as a well educated engineer. Looking for a slim and good girl from a

good family.

M7321 ID:17105 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I consider myself someone to be honest and hardworking, 24, 6’, British Indian. I am here to find my other half

ia. I am currently working as a technical engineer in West London and like what I am doing. Islam is close to my

heart and I intend to raise my kids in an Islamic upbringing. I believe in being humble and am only here with an

intention of marriage I am looking for: someone who believes in the teachings of Islam and is humble person.

M7319 ID:17058 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 26, British, single and seeking a Muslim Sunni. My family background is India. I like: football, outdoor

walking & T.V. I am willing to re-locate. You can be hijabi, a British Citizen, American, Somalian, Moroccan,

Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi. Also, funny, kind, open-minded with a GSOH.

M7318 ID:17053 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Muslim, 25, single and never married, 5’9”. I am degree educated (Bsc) and professionally

employed in IT. I am a caring person and looking for someone similar to settle down.

M7314 ID:17027 Location: South Email: MEMBERS