Females 18-26, Printable Monthly UK list

NOTE – This UK list also includes Muslims who do not sign up directly on our website




I am 22, 5’, a trainee teacher, British Pakistani, aim to pray 5 times a day and would love to travel. I am a Sunni

Muslim and prefer a Pakistani Sunni. Love to go karting, rock climbing, ice skating etc. I’m kinda clever and

funny so if your looking for an obedient quiet innocent girl then I’m not the one for you. I wear a hijab and aim

to dress modestly and expect my in laws to hold the same values and morals. I am looking for someone who

enjoys travelling and must be willing to travel serval times in a year. Must have own home by the time we marry

in at least 3 years time. Want an easy going calm person, honest, shorter than 6 foot.

135F7 ID:23258 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


Loving and caring person 23, 5’5”, British Pakistani female, ACCA student and also a Finance Assistant. Is

respectful to elders and a believer of family values. From a small family, one elder brother and one younger.

brother. Looking for a well educated professional person from a small family, from a Pakistan background.

127F6 ID:23946 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


Pakistani single female, 25, 5’1”, Bsc and working as a teacher right now after completing my studies. He should

be a responsible and morally strong person.

128F7 ID:23403 Photo Location: Lahore Email: MEMBERS ONLY@ymail.com


Bubbly, easy-going, kind hearted British Pakistani female, 25, 5’2”, a primary school teacher. Looking for

someone with a GSOH, easy going and tries to practise Islam.

125F7 ID:23330 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@live.co.uk


Honest 24, 5’3”, Indian practising Sunni Muslimah, an MBBS doctor in Jeddah. I am also looking for a

compatible honest person for marriage.

115F7 ID:23217 Photo Location: Jeddah Telephone: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I would describe myself as 26, 5’8”, British Pakistani, HNC qualified, someone who is soft hearted and caring. I

can be shy at first but good company once you get to know me. I love Islamic art. I have been trying to improve

myself as a Muslima. I’m a firm believer of always thinking good of a person. I’m generally a quiet person, but

do enjoy good quality banter I enjoy travelling and would love to travel more with the right person.

112F7 ID:23177 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


I am someone loyal, caring 24, 5’1”, Bsc and a sales development representative in Islamabad. Looking for

someone who would live with sincerity. Cooking is my passion. I prefer someone honest.

113F6 ID:23188 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


Fair, well mannered and beautiful girl, British Pakistani, 21, 5’8”. Currently studying in college and I would like a

decent never married boy, and should fear Allah.

106F7 ID:23051 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am 26, 5’5”, single, a British Sunni practising Pakistani female, masters educated and own business. I am a

good cook. Love family time and going outdoors. Looking for someone religious and  with good education.

999F6 ID:23021 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


Practising Pakistani Muslimah, 23, 5’6”, single, an IT specialist, currently teaching and completing my Masters. I

am looking a good educated and Muslim rishta for my beloved sister.

994F6 ID:22349 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am an honest genuine hardworking individual, British Pakistani, 24, 5’5”. I’m also a hard-working independent

student and moderately practising of Islam. Seeking someone degree educated, polite, honest and genuine.

992F6 ID:22313 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


I am an independent young woman, British Pakistani, single, 20, 5’6”, still at college and live with parents. I like

to work hard for what I want. I’m funny and mature, and known as quite outgoing. My goals are to complete

my education, Insha Allah and then complete half of my deen with the right man Allah will provide for me. He

should be on his deen, have a good level of education, ae able to provide for me, mature and also funny.

990F6 ID:22301 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


My sister is a very simple, straight forward and a beautiful girl, 25, 5’5”, single. She is in her last year completing

her masters in English Literature and wants to be a teacher. She loves travelling and is a very bubbly/cheerful

woman. We are an educated family with myself and my younger brother qualified as chartered accountants.

Our dad was a chartered accountant too and mum is a full time house wife. Full details can be given to anyone

who is suitably/genuinely interested. We are looking for an educated, mature, sensible man who is between the

age of 28-35. The first contact will be with myself, her elder brother. I am based in central London and can meet

anytime. Please be aware we are genuine, honest people from a very good working family background.

983F6 ID:22112 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


Being a Pakistani girl in a Asian household and not married the pressure is on. I am 25, 5’1”, single and a degree

educated nurse. Everything happens by the will of Allah so here I am. I am a fun loving individual, who loves

food, travelling and is striving to become a better Muslim each day. You should be honest, easy going, somewhat

practising so we can learn and improve together, family oriented, loves travelling and eating good food.

979F6 ID:22202 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


Divorced British citizen, a practising Sunni Muslimah, 21. I have one child and speak a number of languages

including Arabic,  Message me and you’ll find out Insha Allah. 

976F6 ID:22145 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@outlook.com


I lam, 25, single, 5’2”, British Pakistani, and a degree educated support worker. I love travelling and want to

explore the world with the right person. I’m easy going and I love to have fun. I’m very serious about marriage

and not looking to waste anyone’s time. Want to settle down and complete half my deen with the right person

inshallah. I’m searching for someone who I can have a laugh with but also have an intellectual conversation with.

975F6 ID:22103 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


Sunni Syed, 21 years old, 5’6”, British Pakistani, currently studying teaching at university in my final year. Also

looking for a Sunni Syed, British Pakistani who is educated.

970F6 ID:21898 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


British Pakistani single female, 25, 5’2”, graduated and a support worker. Like going out with friends for meals,

shopping, movies and holidays. WLTM someone independent, adventurous, likes going on holiday, movies and

is respectful and understandable.

965F6 ID:21239 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


Single Muslim female, 25, 5’2”, born and brought up in UK, Indian ethnic origin, Bsc and an Admin professional.

Seeking a life partner ideally from an Indian ethnic origin and a single Muslim.

963F6 ID:21230 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


Outgoing, open minded and easy going, British Muslimah, 22, 5’2”, divorced, half Pakistani and Bengali. Seeking

an ambitious, family orientated and caring person.

957F6 ID:21123 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


I am a British revert Muslimah, 25, 5’, work in health and social care. I am practising and have short long hair

and blue eyes. Looking also for a revert Muslim

956F6 ID:21093 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


Single British Pakistani Muslim girl, 23, 5’, works as a manager from the West Midlands. Allah has blessed me as

a Muslim and guided me to the straight path. I’m not perfect but Islam is my key to get as close to being a good

human as possible Insha Allah. Message me if you are practicing or working towards it.

954F6 ID:21049 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


British Pakistani, 24, single, 5’2”. Very passionate about my career, taking kids out on trips and teaching them

about our religion. Avid book reader, especially crime and investigation. Love travelling, hiking and going to the

gym. Very family orientated, outgoing and friendly. Love to learn more about my Deen and try my best to follow

the teaching of Quran and Sunnah. Looking for someone family orientated, ambitious in terms of career, with a

GSOH and is confident. Someone serious about getting married and leading a married life according to Islam.

951F6 ID:21033 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


British born Pakistani, Sunni Muslim, 26, 5’3”, divorced with no children, a practicing Muslima. Has a good

balanced upbringing being humble, polite & compassionate. I am a professionally qualified beautician and a

nursery manager and currently working as a medical secretary. My complexion is fair, I have a slim petite figure

and enjoy baking, travelling, keeping fit and attend spiritual events. A profile picture is available on request. I

am seeking a British born Muslim from a Sayed family / background. Someone who has similar values and is

determined to be successful, is in employment and has a stable background, height 5’6”.

949F6 ID:20997 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am a intelligent British woman, 26, 5’3”, also speak Arabic and work as a teacher. Love to travel and learn new

things. I am a happy person and enjoy meeting new people. Jordanian who likes to travel. Works hard but

enjoys the finer things in life. Prefer someone who Is family orientated and has knowledge of British culture.

946F6 ID:20965 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@aol.com


I’m a British Bangladeshi female, 26, 5’, a degree educated nurse, looking for a family orientated person who is

practicing. Someone easy going and a family person.

942F6 ID:20950 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.co.uk


British Pakistani, 21, 4’8”, Student studying Biomedical sciences, 1 of four children. Family is important. I like

traveling, eating out and have a caring nature. Want to carry on studying even after marriage. Seeking someone

who will be with similar background and have same interests. Must be humble and God fearing, educated and

with a caring nature. Understanding and supportive of me as I will be of him.

943F6 ID:20956 Location: South Email: n_malik@MEMBERS ONLY.co.uk


We are an Arain family originally from Punjab Pakistan. We are looking for a rishta for our daughter who is 26

years, British born Pakistani, and a science graduate working in NHS. For further information we would

appreciate if parents can contact. She is a very intelligent, loving and trustworthy with a keen interest to learn

more about her deen. As a multilinguist (Punjabi and Urdu speaking), she is interested in living a balanced life

with respect for our culture and origins. She is outgoing, fun-loving, loves travelling and reading. We are looking

for a Sunni, British-born attractive young man 27-30. He must be family oriented and take care of his health and

fitness. We would prefer a professional who is motivated, hard working, loving, caring and trustworthy. He should

have a GSOH and a genuine love for life! Also he should be a non-smoker and have a secure job.

936F6 ID:5104 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


23 years old British born Pakistani, 5’2”, 5’2”, Jatt Caste, BA Hons(1st class), work as a recruitment consultant. I

read namaz, wear hijab and am studying a foundation Alima course. I am modern with traditional family values.

Also a Hanafi Muslim celebrating Milad Shareef. Hobbies: going on holidays abroad, spending time with the

family, going out for walks and reading. Goals: perform hajj (done umrah but would like to do haj with partner),

buy own house, live comfortably, maintain healthy relationships with parents and in laws, bring up children in

an Islamic environment and give them the opportunity to fulfil career and educational goals. WLTM a Sunni

Muslim, Hanafi, British born graduate settled in a job, genuine, sincere and honest who is family oriented.

Someone who is supportive and gives permission to work, respectful, willing to travel, & go on holidays abroad.

938F6 ID:21005 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am looking for a match for my niece, who is an Indian Muslimah, 22, 5’6”,  in the UK currently visiting. She is a

down to earth, polite and a caring individual. She is graduate in commerce and works for a real estate firm in

India. She likes cooking, travelling and socialising. Pls email if interested. My niece seeks a man who is caring,

respectful & settled in life who likes to travel & is fun loving. Somebody family oriented and a practising Muslim.

929F6 ID:20863 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@googlemail.com


British born Pakistani, 25, 5’6”, work as a passenger assistant. Family oriented, I’m a loyal and caring person and

enjoy baking and cooking. I’d prefer someone who’s practising and doesn’t participate in milads or khatams, is

family oriented, well mannered.

924F6 ID:20736 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I live with my family in Faislabad. I am 24, 5’3”, Masters educated, slim, well educated and a single girl. I am

looking for a handsome Muslim boy, ideally in the UK or US. Should be a good rishta.

919F6 ID:20915 Photo Location: Faislabad Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am single, 24, 5’9”, currently living in Paris, Pakistani French citizen, Masters educated but not currently

working. Serious about getting settled. I am someone kind, spontaneous and family oriented who tries to enjoy

and be grateful for every little thing life offers. Looking for someone decent and who has respectful values.

904F6 ID:20192 Photo Location: Paris Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


21 year old Mirpuri Pakistani female, 5’4”, slim, Masters educated and working as a Science Teacher. I am a

practising Muslimah and I need a simple educated person.

900F6 ID:19986 Photo Location: AJK Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I belong to a practising Sunni Muslim family, 24, 5’6”, qualified Optometrist. We observe namaz, roza, zakath

and dress modestly and respect elderly. I would describe myself as hardworking, open minded, simple, caring,

family oriented, educated and searching for a life partner for marriage. Person should be family oriented,

understanding, of good character, educated and UK living. Similar outlook to world and religion.

894F6 ID:20004 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@outlook.com


Family and career orientated, British Afghanistani female, 24, 5’4”, university graduate and working as a Data

and Exams Manager. I prefer a balance in life. Am a Liberal feminist, a foodie who loves cooking & eating. Enjoy

travelling, am futuristic and am always trying to improve myself through continuous personal development.

Seeking someone family and career orientated who is independent, confident enjoys travelling and is sociable.

884F6 ID:19361 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


Easy going, family oriented British Pakistani female, 24, 5’4”, qualified dentist. I enjoy travelling am a university

graduate and looking for a person with a similar outlook to life and religion. Should be family oriented, from an

educated family and aged from 25-32 years.

878F6 ID:18915 Photo Location: South Email: contact MMS


I am a single practising Muslimah, 25, 5’7”, British Bangladeshi, MBBS doctor. Person must be strictly practising,

ideally from a small family. Must have a UK degree and British citizen of Bangladesh origin.

871F6 ID:18796 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@anwarlaw.co.uk


I ’m a law student, Pakistani and a citizen of Germany, 22, 5’5”, slim, and a hafidh-Quran. Now seeking Islamic

knowledge, Tafseer and Arabic to understand the Quran. I think a person should be balanced in both Deen and

Dunya. Also educated, practising, well-mannered and with a decent family background.

859F6 ID:18013 Location: Hamburg Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


23 years old, British born Pakistani Sunni Muslim Female, 5’5”. I am a Media Arts Graduate. I am down to earth,

friendly , kind, soft spoken , enjoy socialising, reading , travelling, photography and film making. Looking for

someone 24-29 ideally British born Pakistani Sunni, educated to degree level and a working professional who is

kind, well spoken, responsible, and has a GSOH. Someone well balanced Islamically would be a suitable match.

860F6 ID:18078 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


Single British Pakistani female, 24, 5’2”, educated to college level but not currently working. I am a Sunni

Muslimah, practising and looking for a good match.

854F6 ID:17066 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.com


24 year old British Pakistani Sunni 24, 5’3”, degree educated and working in accounting and finance. She’s slim,

ambitious and hard working as well as family orientated. Likes to travel and spend time with family, works

alongside charities and does her bit to help. Looking preferably for a Pakistani Sunni, someone who possesses

a degree. We are looking for someone who likes to travel and is a bit adventurous as well as ambitious, career

driven and hard working. Personality wise someone bubbly, intelligent and easy going.

850F6 ID:18797 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


British Asian female, 26, single and never before married, 5’4”, degree educated and working as a teaching

assistant. I am a practising Muslimah and seeking a similar Sunni Muslim from a good family.

846F6 ID:17942 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


Smart, career-oriented, family person, 26, 5’3”, MBA, an assistant bank manager, British Indian with good values

and fair. Seeking a nice gentleman with good values, is an achiever, responsible and should be a family person

844F6 ID:17919 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


LLM student, born and brought up in Italy, 24, 5’6”, Bangladeshi origin. Well educated and professionally

established family. Looking for someone ideally educated to Master’s, Bangladesh origin, UK based.

840F6 ID:17875 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@live.it


Looking for match for our daughter who is a confident British Pakistani, 21, 5’, slim, born in the UK with family

background from Lahore. Privately educated and now in the final year of a degree. We are a close knit family

with a good emphasis on religious values. Parents are graduates and run a successful business. Our daughter is

forward thinking and career minded with strong family values. Looking for someone from a similar background

with good family values. Graduate with good career prospects and appreciation of the importance of Islam.

Should be British, confident, have a GSOH and be able to adapt and mix with our family. Marriage is not just the

coming together of two individuals but the coming together of two families and mutual respect for both. Initial

contact will be through the parents.  Only serious individuals to apply and all will receive a reply.

833F6 ID:18201 Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@banyo.co.uk


Born in the Netherlands, grown up in London, UK permanent residency, 26, 5’5”, Masters educated and an

Analytical Chemist. Family background: Memon, originally from Indian sub-continent, now primarily in East

Africa. Family orientated and not materialistic. Deen: Practicing Muslimah. Wears hijab. Trying to learn more

about religion, and to become better. Current interests are tafseer. Hope to learn Arabic Inshallah. Character/

Personality: Low maintenance, friendly, GSOH, easy going, family orientated, gets along with people, likes a

happy environment. Would like to work after marriage. Hobbies/Interests: Travelling to see new places,

especially of natural beauty or historical sites. Reading and interested in sports and outdoor activities. Like

cooking and enjoy many cuisines. Enjoy spending time with family and friends. Looking for a partner interested

in learning more about the Deen, even if you aren’t that practicing. Looking to get married the Islamic way, so

we can strive for Jannah together and Inshallah our marriage will have the right balance of deen and dunya.

Would like someone family-oriented, and prefer someone with similar interests, a non-smoker. Not looking for

a specific ethnicity. Someone who has grown up in the UK, has no immigration issues, aged 23-32.

835F6 ID:18225 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@live.co.uk


British Pakistani female, 24, 5’3”, a dentistry student. Loves to travel, likes nature, photography and animals.

Seeking a well educated, decent boy, height 5’8” or above

831F6 ID:18118 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.co.uk


British Pakistani Sunni, Muslim, Urdu speaking, 24, 5’4”, a software developer living in London with parents

and two siblings. Looking for a Sunni Muslim who is an unmarried professional living in the UK

830F6 ID:17863 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.com


Parents seek an ideal match for their professional British born Pakistani daughter 26, 5’7” who is currently

working in the accounting sector. She is sensitive to Islamic and cultural values. We are a professional family

With a moderate outlook. We are looking for a professional graduate level match with similar attributes. The

ideal person should be 5’9”+ and be broadminded with a balance of both Islamic morals and ethics. Boys

from families with background from Punjab, Pakistan and East Africa, who are fully settled in UK are preferred.

827F6 ID:17833 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am open minded, friendly, and religious, 26, 5’3”, Indonesian Muslimah. Insha Allah seeking a kind, open

minded, religious, and hard working person.

823F6 ID:17741 Photo Location: Java Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


Eldest of 4 siblings, born in France, bred in the UK, 23, 5’8”, Masters from reputed UK business school, done

extensive international traveling with family. Pakistani origin, religiously oriented, modern, educated and

cultured family. Father professional, mother homemaker, all siblings in full-time education at top UK

universities. Wider family very limited, living independent of in-laws preferred. Having a direct meeting

between both families and the candidates is the preferred option. No photo will be shared prior to such

meeting. This account is managed by parents. We prefer good education, religious orientation and practicing,

from a good family background, professional or business person, single, UK or EU bred, modern with good

values and GSOH. No restriction on ethnicity or race as far as other conditions met by the person and his family.

822F6 ID:17734 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


Open minded, blunt, caring, British Pakistani female, 22, 5’4”, currently a student. What you see is what you

get. Seeking someone that is open minded, funny and down to earth. No time wasters.

815F6 ID:17667 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


Humble 25 year old single British Pakistani female, 5’4”, degree educated and work in a university. Always a

salaah reader, caring, loving, respecting person who likes to spend time with family friends, cinemas and with a

GSOH. Looking for a salaah reader who is caring, and a friend more than a partner, honest, confident, respecting

and understanding of elders.

807F6 ID:17662 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am a family oriented person, 26, 5’5”, single British Pakistani, masters educated and a support professional. I

enjoy sports, watching TV, eating out, gaming and shopping. I am looking for a family orientated person who

recognizes the respect for the relations. He must understand his responsibilities towards wife.

804F6 ID:17611 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.co.uk


Our Daughter is 20, 5’2”, British Pakistani, never married. We are an Urdu Speaking family. She was born in

Spain and is studying in college. Our daughter is kind, smart, and she performs her salats and tries to be a good

Muslim girl. She is caring, friendly, helpful, responsible, family oriented, confident, talented and straight forward.

She likes cooking, travelling and baking. Seeking a good Muslim, hard worker, caring, honest and good looking.

801F6 ID:17552 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.es


I am a fair, smart, 20 year old Pakistani female, height 5’7″, studying architecture in Islamabad. Looking for a

decent and family man who must be educated.

797F6 ID:17507 Photo Location: Islamabad Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am a British born Bengali, 27, 5’1”, work as a customer services advisor. I would describe myself as honest and

trustworthy, more of a listener than talker, someone who is a deep thinker and has a philosophical outlook on

the world. I am family oriented and am interested in learning more about the world and our deen. I am looking

for someone similar to myself who can understand me and help me in my difficult times. Someone who I can

have deep meaningful conversations with. A reflective and sincere brother who can just be their own self either

close to the deen or would like to improve himself on the deen and someone Bengali.

795F6 ID:17477 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@outlook.com


British Pakistani Muslimah, 24, 5’5”, completed bachelors degree and work as a communications officer at a

well known children’s charity. Am a practising hijabi and always striving to be better. Love psychology, deep

conversations, creative pursuits, learning and reflecting, cats and yoga. Seeking a practising, out of the box

thinker who is funny, friendly and easy going.

794F6 ID:17476 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


I am a practising British Somali female, degree educated and a healthcare professional, 24, 5’5”, calm, honest,

responsible and confident. Looking for someone practicing, trustworthy, honest, caring and responsible.

792F6 ID:17423 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


I am practicing British Bangladeshi Muslima, 22, 5’2”. I have recently graduated and work as a recruitment

consultant. I pray 5 and read Quran every day. I am open minded and feel blessed for all the little things Allah

has given me. I am not high maintenance and do not care for materialistic things. I don’t believe in different

types and groups of Muslims. Allah had made us all and we are all one type of Muslim. I am the oldest daughter

with two younger siblings and live in East London. I do not tolerate dishonesty and I treat others how I want to

be treated. I am looking for an open minded practicing brother who can make me smile so a GSOH is a must.

He should live a life of trying to impress Allah. He should respect women as the garments for each other and

marry to complete half of his deen. He should at least be a graduate, live in London and earn a halal living it

doesn’t have to be much. I prefer to live alone with him but I am happy to do my duties as his wife to his family.

793F6 ID:17447 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am 18 years old, a British Bangladeshi female. I have a qualification in Childcare and I am currently working in

a nursery and now looking to get married.

783F6 ID:17386 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am a British Bangladeshi female 25, 5’6”, not currently working. Nothing much to say but just looking for

someone who will help me to complete my deen.

769F6 ID:17179 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


British Pakistani female 25, 5’1”, single, degree in computer science but not currently working. I am a practising

Muslimah and seeking a similar professional Muslim from a good family.

758F6 ID:17067 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.co.uk